Organizations in Consumer Goods

Name Industry Address
reliance-retail_logo Reliance Retail
Reliance Retail offers online shopping and a chain of neighborhood stores, supermarkets, and wholesale/specialty stores.
Consumer Goods, Grocery, Retail Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
juul_logo JUUL
JUUL is a manufacturer and distributor of electronic nicotine vaporizers.
B2C, Consumer Electronics, Consumer Goods, Leisure, Lifestyle San Francisco, California, United States
maude-group_logo Maude
Maude is an essentials brand with a focus on access to sexual wellness products.
Consumer Goods, E-Commerce, Health Care, Personal Health, Wellness Brooklyn, New York, United States
the-walt-disney-company_logo The Walt Disney Company
The Walt Disney Company started as a cartoon studio and evolves into sports coverage and television shows. NYSE:DIS
Amusement Park and Arcade, Animation, Consumer Goods, Media and Entertainment, Resorts Burbank, California, United States
emergy-food_logo Meati
Meati Foods is a consumer goods company that provides fungi-based meat alternatives to everyone.
Consumer Goods, Food and Beverage, Food Processing, Service Industry Boulder, Colorado, United States
clare-inc_logo Clare
Clare is a paint brand that is changing the paint shopping experience for consumers.
Consumer Goods, E-Commerce, Green Consumer Goods, Home Decor New York, New York, United States
manufactured_logo Manufactured
Manufactured is an end-to-end inventory manufacturing and finance solution that connects businesses with vendors.
Consumer Goods, Internet, Manufacturing, Supply Chain Management Culver City, California, United States
waterdrop_logo Waterdrop
Waterdrop compresses natural ingredients into a small, sugar-free, dissolvable cube calleds a microdrink.
Consumer Goods, Water, Water Purification Osterreicher, Steiermark, Austria
lumachain_logo Lumachain
Lumachain is a supply chain platform designed for tracking the origin, condition, and location of items in the food supply chain.
Consumer Goods, Food and Beverage, Information Services, Logistics, Software, Supply Chain Management Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
bombay-shaving-company_logo Bombay Shaving Company
Bombay Shaving Company is a consumer goods company that focuses on developing a range of shave care, beard care, and skincare products.
Consumer Goods, E-Commerce, Lifestyle, Men's New Delhi, Delhi, India
bravo-sierra_logo Bravo Sierra
Bravo Sierra is a military-native performance wellness company focused on personal care.
Consumer Goods, Health Care, Manufacturing, Wellness New York, New York, United States
carousell_logo Carousell
Carousell is a classifieds marketplace that allows people to buy and sell preloved items.
Classifieds, Consumer Goods, E-Commerce, Marketplace, Mobile Apps Singapore, Central Region, Singapore
motatos_logo Motatos
Motatos is an online retail store that offers a wide variety of food, beverages, and household products to customers.
Consumer Goods, E-Commerce, Food and Beverage, Retail Copenhagen, Hovedstaden, Denmark
rent-the-runway_logo Rent The Runway
Rent the Runway is an online e-commerce website that allows women to rent designer apparel and accessories. NASDAQ:RENT
Consumer Goods, E-Commerce, Fashion, Retail New York, New York, United States
zero-grocery_logo Zero Grocery
Zero Grocery provides a convenient zero-waste grocery delivery service.
Consumer Goods, Delivery Service, Grocery, Waste Management Berkeley, California, United States
descartes-labs_logo Descartes Labs
Enabling a better understanding of the physical world through the scalable analysis of geospatial data.
Agriculture, Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Consumer Goods, Geospatial, Government, Image Recognition, Machine Learning, Mining, SaaS Santa Fe, New Mexico, United States
wasoko_logo Wasoko
Wasoko transforms access to essential goods and services by connecting small shops to the digital economy.
Consumer Goods, Emerging Markets, Logistics, Sales, Supply Chain Management Nairobi, Nairobi Area, Kenya
greenlane_logo Greenlane
Greenlane is a distributor of premium cannabis accessories, packaging, vape solutions, and lifestyle products. NASDAQ:GNLN
Cannabis, Consumer, Consumer Goods, Lifestyle, Manufacturing Boca Raton, Florida, United States
planet-fwd_logo Planet FWD
Planet FWD is a carbon management platform for consumer products that helps brands calculate their carbon footprint.
CleanTech, Consumer Goods San Francisco, California, United States
vini-cosmetics_logo Vini Cosmetic
Vini Cosmetic is a cosmetic company that offers personal care and over-the-counter products.
Beauty, Communities, Consumer Goods, Cosmetics, Health Care Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
cap-hill-brands_logo Cap Hill Brands
Cap Hill Brands is a consumer products company that invests in and operates great e-commerce and DTC brands
B2C, Consumer Goods, E-Commerce Seattle, Washington, United States
the-studio_logo The/Studio
The/Studio is an on-demand product creation and manufacturing platform for businesses to easily bring products to market.
Consumer Goods, Consumer Software, Fashion, Lifestyle, Manufacturing, Software, Supply Chain Management Pasadena, California, United States
the-farmer-s-dog_logo The Farmer's Dog
A smarter, healthier pet food -- delivered. #longlivedogs
Consumer Goods, E-Commerce, Food and Beverage, Personalization, Pet, Subscription Service New York, New York, United States
blue-frontier_logo Blue Frontier
Blue Frontier specializes in air conditioning systems designed for sustainability, comfort, and energy storage.
Consumer Goods, Electronics, Energy, Energy Storage Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States
cirkul_logo Cirkul
Cirkul is a beverage company that makes drinking water with delicious and nutritious flavors.
Consumer Goods, Food and Beverage, Water Tampa, Florida, United States
glass-house-brands_logo Glass House Brands
Glass House Brands is one of the growing, vertically integrated cannabis companies with a dedicated focus on the California market.
Cannabis, Consumer Goods Long Beach, California, United States
black-buffalo_logo Black Buffalo
Black Buffalo is a smokeless tobacco alternative that has the same texture, taste, aroma, and experience as traditional dipping products.
Consumer, Consumer Goods, Tobacco Chicago, Illinois, United States
lal10-com_logo Lal10
Lal10 enables creative manufacturing MSMEs to easily digitize, manage, and sell their inventories for cross-border wholesale.
Consumer Goods, E-Commerce, Lifestyle, Shopping, Wholesale Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India
smilecareclub_logo SmileDirectClub
SmileDirectClub offers home invisible aligners, a series of plastic aligners that gradually shift teeth into their desired position. NASDAQ:SDC
Consumer Goods, Cosmetics, Dental, Health Care Nashville, Tennessee, United States
epantry-llc_logo Grove Collaborative
Grove creates and curates high-performing, planet-first home, and personal care products. NYSE:GROV
Consumer Goods, E-Commerce, Internet, Manufacturing, Retail San Francisco, California, United States
away-2_logo Away
Away is a modern travel and lifestyle brand designed with thoughtful features that solve real travel problems
Consumer, Consumer Goods, E-Commerce, Lifestyle, Retail, Travel New York, New York, United States
wow-skin-science_logo WOW Skin Science
WOW Skin Science is a wellness and beauty brand that offers toxin-free facial care products.
Beauty, Consumer Goods, Lifestyle, Retail, Wellness Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
cotopaxi_logo Cotopaxi
Cotopaxi is an outdoor brand with a humanitarian mission at its core.
Consumer Goods, E-Commerce, Outdoors, Product Design, Retail Salt Lake City, Utah, United States
north-8daa_logo North
North builds a technology that is human centric where people and technology can go hand in hand.
Consumer Electronics, Consumer Goods, Eyewear, Google Glass, Robotics, Wearables Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
ayr-strategies_logo AYR Wellness
AYR Wellness aims higher for the wellness of our customers, through the power of cannabis. CNSX:AYR.A
Cannabis, Consumer Goods New York, New York, United States
essity_logo Essity
Essity is a hygiene and health company that develops, produces, and sells personal care products. STO:ESSITY-A
Consumer Goods, Health Care, Personal Health, Wellness Stockholm, Stockholms Lan, Sweden
kitabeli_logo KitaBeli
KitaBeli is a social commerce startup offering fast-moving consumer goods on its gamified platform.
Consumer Goods, E-Commerce, Fast-Moving Consumer Goods, Grocery, Group Buying Jakarta, Jakarta Raya, Indonesia
tupperware-brands_logo Tupperware Brands
Tupperware Brands provides housewares products. NYSE:TUP
Children, Consumer, Consumer Goods, Direct Sales, Fashion, Lifestyle, Manufacturing, Product Design, Retail Orlando, Florida, United States
pigeonly_logo Pigeonly
Pigeonly focuses on markets that are overlooked and underserved, particularly in minority communities.
Consumer Goods, Internet, VoIP Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
good-natured-products-inc_logo Good Natured Products
Good Natured Products distributes a wide assortment of everyday products made from plants in North America. CVE:GDNP
Advanced Materials, Consumer Goods, Packaging Services, Plastics and Rubber Manufacturing, Sustainability Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
harrys_logo Harry's
Harry is a developer of an online platform used to sell shaving equipment and accessories for men.
Consumer Goods, E-Commerce, Fashion, Lifestyle, Men's New York, New York, United States
high-tide-inc_logo High Tide
High Tide is a retail-focused cannabis corporation along with the manufacture and distribution of consumption accessories. CVE:HITI
Cannabis, Consumer Goods, Retail Calgary, Alberta, Canada
caraway_logo Caraway
Caraway is on a mission to craft well-designed, non-toxic ceramic cookware.
Consumer Goods, E-Commerce New York, New York, United States
blue-tokai-coffee-roasters_logo Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters
Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters provides an online marketplace specifically to sell roasted coffee.
Consumer Goods, Delivery, Food and Beverage, Food Processing Delhi, Delhi, India
pattern-e0b0_logo Pattern Brands
Pattern is a family of brands that operates, acquires, and grows e-commerce businesses operating in the home space.
Consumer Goods, E-Commerce, Lifestyle, Retail New York, New York, United States
verishop_logo Verishop
Verishop is a premium lifestyle company that offers everyday luxury in fashion, beauty, home, and more.
Consumer Goods, E-Commerce, Internet, Lifestyle Santa Monica, California, United States
mcaffeine_logo MCaffeine
MCaffeine is a personal care brand that offers caffein-infused face, body, and hair care products.
Beauty, Consumer Goods, Wellness Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
rad-power-bikes_logo Rad Power Bikes
North America's largest electric bike company. We are making transportation energy efficient, enjoyable, and accessible to all.
CleanTech, Consumer Goods, Electric Vehicle, Manufacturing, Transportation Seattle, Washington, United States
merama_logo Merama
Merama is an e-commerce platform that partners with e-commerce product sellers.
Consumer Goods, E-Commerce, Finance, Retail Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico
swappie_logo Swappie
Swappie is a end-to-end online marketplace for buying and selling refurbished smartphones.
Consumer Electronics, Consumer Goods, E-Commerce, Marketplace Helsinki, Southern Finland, Finland
procter-and-gamble_logo Procter & Gamble Company
Procter & Gamble Company offers a variety of consumer goods products. NYSE:PG
Brand Marketing, Consumer Goods, Cosmetics, Nutrition Cincinnati, Ohio, United States
louis-dreyfus-commodities_logo Louis Dreyfus Company
Louis Dreyfus Company is a global merchandiser of commodities and a major asset owner and processor of agricultural goods.
Agriculture, Consumer Goods, Farming, Food Processing, Supply Chain Management, Sustainability Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland, The Netherlands
ritual-2_logo Ritual
Ritual is a health technology company that is re-inventing consumer products.
Consumer Goods, Dietary Supplements, Health Care, Medical, Personal Health, Subscription Service, Wellness Culver City, California, United States
naagin-sauce_logo Naagin
Naagin Sauce is a food production company that makes hot sauces, chilli oils and spice essentials
Consumer Goods, Food and Beverage, Restaurants Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
madison-reed-inc_logo Madison Reed
Madison Reed is a beauty company that offers hair coloring products online.
Beauty, Consumer Goods, E-Commerce, Retail San Francisco, California, United States
prose-3_logo Prose
Custom hair care made fresh in NYC with natural active ingredients
Beauty, Consumer Goods, Cosmetics, E-Commerce, Health Care New York, New York, United States
alicorp_logo Alicorp
Alicorp is the Peruvian consumer goods company, with operations in South America. LUXSE:ALICORC1
Consumer Goods, E-Commerce, Food and Beverage Miraflores, Lima, Peru
farmer-s-fridge_logo Farmer's Fridge
Farmerโ€™s Fridge provides an automated smart fridge that serves salads, bowls, snacks, and more.
Consumer Goods, Delivery, Food and Beverage, Handmade, Restaurants, Snack Food Chicago, Illinois, United States
missfresh-e-commerce_logo Missfresh
Missfresh is an e-commerce platform that provides fresh food. NASDAQ:MF
Consumer Goods, E-Commerce, Food and Beverage, Grocery, Mobile Apps Beijing, Beijing, China
curology_logo Curology
Curology is a cosmetic company that provides actual prescription skincare customized for their skin and delivered to their door.
Beauty, Consumer Goods, Cosmetics, Health Care San Francisco, California, United States
colgate-palmolive_logo Colgate Palmolive
Colgate-Palmolive is a consumer products company that produces, distributes, and provides household, healthcare, and personal products. NYSE:CL
Beauty, Consumer Goods, Health Care New York, New York, United States
reimagined_logo Hungryroot
Hungryroot is a provider of an artificial intelligence-powered personalized grocery service.
Artificial Intelligence, Consumer Goods, E-Commerce, Food and Beverage, Retail New York, New York, United States
nua_logo Nua
Nua is an all-new feminine care experience.
Consumer, Consumer Goods, E-Commerce, Health Care, Wellness, Women's Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
great-wraps-7f03_logo Great Wrap
The only Australian made and owned compostable cling wrap
Consulting, Consumer Goods N/A
everdrop_logo Everdrop
Everdrop manufactures cleaning products.
Consumer Goods, E-Commerce Munich, Bayern, Germany
cupixel_logo Cupixel
Cupixel is a live and on-demand creativity platform, powered by AR/AI, that enables anyone to create art.
Art, Consumer Goods, Software Boston, Massachusetts, United States
secretlab_logo Secretlab
Secretlab is a Singaporean gaming chair manufacturing company that was founded in 2014
Consumer Goods, Hardware, Manufacturing Singapore, Central Region, Singapore
gaia-design_logo GAIA
GAIA is a furniture eCommerce platform for the sale of home products and design accessories.
Consumer Goods, E-Commerce, Furniture, Home Decor, Retail Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico
celsius_logo Celsius
Burn more fat with clean healthy energy drink for Fitness, Weight Loss, and Active Lifestyle. OTCBB:CELH
Consumer Goods, Energy, Fitness, Health Care, Lifestyle Boca Raton, Florida, United States
banza_logo Banza
Banza is a food manufacturer that focuses on producing pasta products.
Consumer Goods, Food and Beverage, Food Processing, Manufacturing, Organic Food Detroit, Michigan, United States
ember-technologies_logo Ember Technologies
Ember Technologies is a design-led temperature control brand that produces a patented temperature adjustable dishware and drinkware.
Consumer Electronics, Consumer Goods, Food and Beverage Westlake Village, California, United States
inspectorio_logo Inspectorio
Inspectorio's SaaS solution improves quality, compliance and on-time delivery with actionable insights and data-driven collaboration.
Consumer Goods, Manufacturing, Quality Assurance, Retail, SaaS, Software, Supply Chain Management, Sustainability, Textiles Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
valoreo_logo Valoreo
Valoreo acquires, operates, and scales outstanding e-commerce brands.
Consumer Goods, E-Commerce Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico
evermos_logo Evermos
Evermos is a social commerce startup that connects resellers-to-brands to consumers via platform to sell everyday Muslim products.
Consumer Goods, E-Commerce, Social Impact, Social Shopping, Trading Platform Bandung, Jawa Barat, Indonesia
elevate-brands_logo Elevate Brands
Elevate Brands buys consumer Amazon FBA brands and elevates them to their full potential.
Consumer, Consumer Goods, E-Commerce, Internet Austin, Texas, United States
fellow_logo Fellow
Fellow specializes in product design and brings ideas from sketchbook to a kitchen table.
Coffee, Consumer Goods, Lifestyle San Francisco, California, United States
fedrigoni_logo Fedrigoni
Fedrigoni is an Italian producer of specialty papers and self-adhesive labels.
Commercial, Consumer Goods, Paper Manufacturing Verona, Veneto, Italy
healthy-roots_logo Healthy Roots Dolls
Healthy Roots is a toy company that creates dolls and storybooks aimed to teach natural hair care to young girls of color.
Beauty, Children, Consumer Goods, Toys, Women's Detroit, Michigan, United States
living-food-company_logo Living Food Company
Living Food is a marketplace platform that offers access to locally sourced fresh produce.
Consumer Goods, E-Commerce, Farming, Food and Beverage, Marketplace Bangalore, Karnataka, India
radswan_logo RadSwan
RadSwan is a consumer goods company that specializes in providing hair fashion design for black women.
Beauty, Consumer Goods, Cosmetics, Health Care Brooklyn, New York, United States
resident-49d0_logo Resident
Resident is a house of direct-to-consumer brands in the home furnishings space.
Consumer Goods, E-Commerce, Home Decor, Home Improvement Mountain View, California, United States
oofos_logo Oofos
OOFOS brand footwear is powered by an innovative, cutting-edge proprietary foam material we designed with a world-class chemist
Consumer Goods, Fashion, Shoes Braintree, Massachusetts, United States
laika_logo LAIKA
LAIKA is an e-commerce platform for pets that offers a variety of products and services.
Consumer Goods, E-Commerce, Pet, Retail Bogotรก, Distrito Especial, Colombia
finless-foods_logo Finless Foods
Finless Foods provides cellular-agriculture technologies to create accessible plant-based and cell-cultured seafood alternatives.
Consumer Goods, Food and Beverage, Sustainability Emeryville, California, United States
tradedepot_logo TradeDepot
TradeDepot is a B2B e-commerce and embedded finance platform that offers a broad range of consumer goods to SME retailers.
B2B, Consumer Goods, E-Commerce Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria
the-honest-company_logo The Honest Company
The Honest Company is a consumer products company that offers baby, personal care, and beauty products. NASDAQ:HNST
Baby, Consumer Goods, E-Commerce, Lifestyle Santa Monica, California, United States
sendo_logo Sendo
Sendo is an eCommerce site that offers various range of consumer products.
Consumer, Consumer Goods, E-Commerce Ho Chi Minh City, NA - Vietnam, Vietnam
the-stable_logo The Stable
The Stable is a commerce agency helping connect brands + consumers across all channels.
Consulting, Consumer, Consumer Goods, E-Commerce Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
flexshopper_logo FlexShopper
FlexShopper provides certain types of durable goods to consumers on a lease-to-own basis. NASDAQ:FPAY
Consumer Goods, E-Commerce, Marketplace, Payments Boca Raton, Florida, United States
diamond-foundry_logo Diamond Foundry
Diamond Foundry produces diamonds at mining scale using a proprietary reactor technology.
Consumer Goods, Foundries, Semiconductor San Francisco, California, United States
shop101_logo Shop101
Leading the next wave of e-commerce by becoming the most trusted reselling partner to millions of Indians
Apps, Consumer Goods, E-Commerce, Internet, Online Portals Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
bosch_logo Bosch
The Bosch Group is a global supplier of technology and services.
Automotive, Consumer Goods, Electronics, Industrial, Industrial Engineering, Information Technology, Manufacturing, Mechanical Engineering, Sensor Stuttgart, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany
dah-makan_logo Pop Meals
Pop Meals is a food delivery service that utilizes artificial intelligence in logistics and cooking automation.
Artificial Intelligence, Consumer Goods, Food and Beverage, Food Delivery, Logistics, Robotics Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
wild-earth-104d_logo Wild Earth
Wild Earth is a technology startup that specializes in developing protein pet foods.
Consumer, Consumer Goods, Pet, Professional Services Berkeley, California, United States
repligen_logo Repligen
Repligen is a biopharmaceutical company developing consumable products for the manufacture of biological drugs. NASDAQ:RGEN
Biotechnology, Consumer Goods, Health Care, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical Waltham, Massachusetts, United States
edamama_logo Edamama
Edamama is a Philippine based e-commerce platform designed for mothers.
Consumer Goods, E-Commerce, Retail Philippine, Benguet, Philippines
brandless_logo Brandless
Brandless is an omni-channel commerce platform creating a new kind of marketplace that empowers companies and people to be a force for good.
Commercial, Consumer Goods, E-Commerce, Marketplace, Retail Draper, Utah, United States
copia-global_logo Copia Global
Copia Global provides a consumer catalog order and delivery system intended to serve consumers in the developing world.
Consumer Goods, Delivery, E-Commerce, Sales Nairobi, Nairobi Area, Kenya
the-crown-x_logo The CrownX
The CrownX is an integrated consumer-retail platform.
Consumer Goods, Retail Ho Chi Minh City, NA - Vietnam, Vietnam
billie_logo Billie
Billie is a wellness company that offers shaving supplies and body products.
Consumer Goods, Lifestyle, Wellness, Women's New York, New York, United States
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