Organizations in GreenTech

Name Industry Address
octopus-energy_logo Octopus Energy
Octopus Energy builds technology that reduces the cost of energy to improve customer experience.
Energy, Energy Efficiency, GreenTech, Renewable Energy London, England, United Kingdom
sense_logo Sense
Sense specializes in tracking devices and home automation solutions for its customers.
Consumer Electronics, GreenTech, Hardware, Internet of Things, Smart Home, Software, Speech Recognition Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States
opus-12_logo Twelve
Twelve is a carbon transformation company that eliminates emissions by turning CO2 into essential products.
Chemical, Fuel, GreenTech, Oil and Gas Berkeley, California, United States
h2-green-steel_logo H2 Green Steel
H2 Green Steel is a producer of green steel, which involves the use of less carbon dioxide emissions compared to traditional steelmaking.
CleanTech, GreenTech, Industrial Manufacturing Stockholm, Stockholms Lan, Sweden
bevi_logo Bevi
Bevi develops a smart water dispenser that customizes flavored and sparkling beverages on demand.
Food and Beverage, GreenTech, Hardware, Internet of Things Boston, Massachusetts, United States
climeworks_logo Climeworks
Climeworks engages in capturing CO2 from the air via commercial carbon dioxide removal technology.
CleanTech, Environmental Engineering, GreenTech Zürich, Zurich, Switzerland
persefoni_logo Persefoni
Persefoni is a climate management and accounting platform (CMAP) for real-time management, analytics, and disclosure.
Analytics, CleanTech, GreenTech, SaaS, Software, Sustainability Tempe, Arizona, United States
evezy_logo Onto
Onto is an electric vehicle subscription startup that provides an all-inclusive, hassle-free solution for driving an electric car.
Automotive, Electric Vehicle, GreenTech, Subscription Service, Transportation Warwick, Warwickshire, United Kingdom
iron-ox_logo Iron Ox
Solving global climate through our food, grown renewably, using technology
Agriculture, Food and Beverage, Green Building, GreenTech, Robotics, Sustainability San Carlos, California, United States
sparkcharge_logo SparkCharge
SparkCharge is an automotive company that offers mobile and convenient charging stations for electric vehicles.
Automotive, Electric Vehicle, Energy Storage, GreenTech Somerville, Massachusetts, United States
indigoag_logo Indigo
Indigo uses natural microbiology and digital technologies to improve grower profitability, sustainability, and consumer health.
Agriculture, AgTech, Farming, GreenTech Boston, Massachusetts, United States
monolith-corp_logo Monolith
Monolith is a next-generation clean materials company that uses a proprietary process to produce clean hydrogen, carbon black, and ammonia.
Agriculture, Automotive, Energy, GreenTech, Manufacturing Lincoln, Nebraska, United States
temperpack_logo TemperPack
TemperPack manufactures insulated packaging solutions that meet the needs of all industries that ship perishable items.
Environmental Consulting, GreenTech, Manufacturing, Packaging Services Richmond, Virginia, United States
dandelion-energy_logo Dandelion Energy
Dandelion Energy is a home geothermal company that offers geothermal heating and cooling installations.
CleanTech, Energy, GreenTech, Renewable Energy New York, New York, United States
sweep-d5fc_logo Sweep
Sweep is a software company developing software for businesses to reduce their carbon emissions.
Environmental Engineering, GreenTech, Software, Sustainability Montpellier, Languedoc-Roussillon, France
altruistiq_logo Altruistiq
Altruistiq provides a platform that enables enterprises to automate sustainability data measurement, management, and exchange.
CleanTech, GreenTech, Software, Sustainability London, England, United Kingdom
dryad-3351_logo Dryad Networks
Telecom, Forestry, IOT, Sensors, Networking, Analytics, Cloud, Environmental, Green
Analytics, GreenTech, Information Technology, Internet of Things, Software, Telecommunications Berlin, Berlin, Germany
plana-earth_logo Plan A
Plan A is a GreenTech company that develops a carbon quantification platform to measure, monitor, and reduce environmental footprint.
Data Integration, GreenTech, Machine Learning, Software, Sustainability Berlin, Berlin, Germany
agreena_logo Agreena
Agreena is a startup that mints, verifies and sells carbon credits generated by farmers.
Agriculture, AgTech, GreenTech Copenhagen, Hovedstaden, Denmark
solugen_logo Solugen
Solugen is a specialty chemicals ​manufacturer creating chemistries that are safe, cost-effective, and environmentally-friendly.
Biopharma, Biotechnology, Chemical, GreenTech, Manufacturing, Oil and Gas Houston, Texas, United States
emitwise_logo Emitwise
Emitwise is an AI-powered carbon management platform that helps businesses in tracking and managing their carbon footprint.
Artificial Intelligence, CleanTech, GreenTech, SaaS, Supply Chain Management London, England, United Kingdom
circulor_logo Circulor
Circulor is a blockchain sustainability company that offers traceability-as-a-service and supply chain solutions for manufacturers.
Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, CleanTech, GreenTech, Supply Chain Management London, England, United Kingdom
globelet-corporation_logo Turn
1/3 most innovative companies in reuse - Partners of Nestle, AbInBev, WM & more Returnable is the new reusable.
GreenTech, Packaging Services, Recycling, Sharing Economy, Sustainability San Francisco, California, United States
sungreenh2_logo SunGreenH2
SunGreenH2 is a deep cleantech company making electrolysers produce 2x green hydrogen using 30x lower precious metals and 10% lower energy.
Advanced Materials, Clean Energy, CleanTech, Energy, Environmental Engineering, Fuel Cell, GreenTech, Manufacturing, Nanotechnology, Renewable Energy Singapore, Central Region, Singapore
pure-watercraft_logo Pure Watercraft
Pure Watercraft provides battery-electric propulsion systems for boats.
Electric Vehicle, GreenTech, Sports Seattle, Washington, United States
greenly_logo Greenly
Greenly makes carbon accounting simple and intuitive for SMEs
Banking, Environmental Engineering, GreenTech, Mobile Apps, Quantified Self, Software Paris, Ile-de-France, France
notpla_logo Notpla
Notpla is a sustainable packaging start-up that develops a material derived from seaweed and plants.
CleanTech, GreenTech, Packaging Services, Sustainability London, England, United Kingdom
binbin-scooters_logo BinBin
Headquartered in Istanbul, BinBin is a tech company that produces micromobility technologies to offer sustainable transportation solutions.
Electric Vehicle, GreenTech, Last Mile Transportation, Mobile Apps, Ride Sharing, Sharing Economy, Transportation Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey
klima_logo Klima
Klima allows everyone to take climate action, by offsetting and reducing their carbon footprint all from one app.
B2C, GreenTech, Software Berlin, Berlin, Germany
aspen-aerogels_logo Aspen Aerogels
Aspen Aerogels provides thermal management and energy conservation insulation solutions for a variety of industries. NYSE:ASPN
Energy, GreenTech, Natural Resources Northborough, Massachusetts, United States
einhundert-energy_logo EINHUNDERT Energy
EINHUNDERT Energy develops smart services around green and digital energy supply for tenants.
Billing, Energy, Energy Efficiency, Energy Management, GreenTech, Renewable Energy, Solar Cologne, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany
ecolytiq-gmbh_logo Ecolytiq
Ecolytiq provides a solution to educate consumers on managing their environmental impact through sustainable banking.
Banking, Finance, Financial Services, GreenTech, Sustainability Berlin, Berlin, Germany
sustain-life_logo Sustain.Life
Helping businesses to meet sustainability targets with customized action plans, easy-to-use implementation tools and progress reporting. ​
CleanTech, GreenTech, Software, Sustainability New York, New York, United States
single-earth_logo Single.Earth
Single.Earth is a fintech startup tokenizing the world's nature to make it the new gold
FinTech, GreenTech, Information Technology Tallinn, Harjumaa, Estonia
locus-fermentation-solutions_logo Locus Fermentation Solutions
Leading the ESG revolution by fermenting award-winning, green solutions to the biggest global challenges.
Biotechnology, CleanTech, GreenTech, Manufacturing, Sustainability Solon, Ohio, United States
fyto-inc_logo FYTO
FYTO is a technology company that develops systems that grow high quality crops using less resources.
AgTech, Animal Feed, Farming, GreenTech, Livestock Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States
direct-c_logo Direct-C
Direct-C has developed a proprietary, polymer nano-composite platform technology.
CleanTech, GreenTech, Manufacturing, Oil and Gas, Product Design Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
posigen_logo PosiGen
Solar Energy and Energy Efficiency
Clean Energy, Energy, Energy Efficiency, GreenTech, Renewable Energy, Solar Metairie, Louisiana, United States
gardyn_logo Gardyn
Gardyn develops cutting-edge technologies to grow large quantities of nutritious and tasty produce at home.
AgTech, Farming, Green Consumer Goods, GreenTech, Home and Garden, Lifestyle, Nutrition, Sustainability Bethesda, Maryland, United States
cercle-x_logo Cercle X
SaaS based waste management company, enabling brands and governments to manage their wastes quicker, better and with 100% traceability.
Blockchain, CleanTech, GreenTech, Pollution Control, Recycling, SaaS, Sustainability, Waste Management Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India
weforesea-ltd_logo Mermade Seafoods
Mermade an Israeli company that grows oysters from cells in a lab, says it can mitigate the sticky shock by using technology.
Biotechnology, CleanTech, Food and Beverage, GreenTech Jerusalem, Yerushalayim, Israel
ubq-materials_logo UBQ Materials
UBQ offers technology for diverting municipal solid waste and converting it into a sustainable substitute for oil-based plastics.
GreenTech, Recycling, Waste Management Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel
plant-prefab_logo Plant Prefab
Plant Prefab is a prefabricated design and construction company dedicated to sustainable construction, materials, processes, and operations.
Architecture, Construction, GreenTech, Smart Building, Sustainability Rialto, California, United States
aether-diamonds_logo Aether Diamonds
Aether Diamonds produces the world's first and only diamonds made 100% from captured carbon.
CleanTech, GreenTech, Jewelry, Pollution Control New York, New York, United States
pathzero_logo Pathzero
Pathzero makes it easy for companies to disclose their carbon emissions and the actions being taken to address them.
CleanTech, Enterprise Software, Environmental Consulting, GreenTech, Information Services, SaaS, Software, Supply Chain Management, Sustainability Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
altigreen-propulsion-labs_logo Altigreen Propulsion Labs
Altigreen Propulsion Labs develops intellectual property in aftermarket products for automotive systems.
Automotive, Autonomous Vehicles, Electric Vehicle, GreenTech, Product Design Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
pi-datacenters_logo Pi Datacenters
Pi DATACENTERS, is a green field data center organisation, gearing up to be disruptive in its approach to technology,infrastructure.
Cloud Computing, Cloud Data Services, Data Center, Enterprise Software, GreenTech, Information Services, Information Technology, IT Infrastructure, Private Cloud Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, India
Leading sustainable banking alternative - 100% transparent and dedicated to limite climate change
Banking, Finance, FinTech, GreenTech, Impact Investing Paris, Ile-de-France, France
climateview_logo ClimateView
ClimateView is a climate action technology company helping cities transform climate planning into progress
Big Data, GreenTech, Information Technology, Software Stockholm, Stockholms Lan, Sweden
sunverge-energy-inc_logo Sunverge Energy
Sunverge Energy provides integrated solar solutions for distributed generation and storage.
Clean Energy, Energy, GreenTech, Renewable Energy, Software, Solar San Francisco, California, United States
storm4_logo Storm4
Storm4 is a specialist GreenTech recruitment marketplace, connecting organizations with the senior talent to drive their mission.
CleanTech, GreenTech, Marketplace, Renewable Energy, Staffing Agency London, England, United Kingdom
eagronom_logo EAgronom
Accelerating transition to sustainable farming via carbon credits and AI Consulting
Agriculture, AgTech, CleanTech, Farming, GreenTech, Software, Sustainability Tartu, Tartumaa, Estonia
adani-new-industries-ltd_logo Adani New Industries Ltd.
Adani New Industries Ltd. develops green hydrogen ecosystem.
GreenTech Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
jupe_logo Jupe
Jupe (YC S21) is building a universal autonomous housing platform for 1.5 billion humans.
GreenTech, Hospitality, Internet of Things, Outdoors, Real Estate, Software, Solar, Travel San Francisco, California, United States
agrilyst-inc_logo Artemis
Artemis operates an intelligence platform for indoor farms.
Agriculture, AgTech, Artificial Intelligence, Farming, GreenTech, SaaS, Software Brooklyn, New York, United States
greenomy_logo Greenomy
Greenomy provides software for sustainability reporting to businesses and financial institutions.
Financial Services, GreenTech, Legal Tech, Software, Sustainability Brussels, Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest, Belgium
ostrom_logo Ostrom
Energy management platform that makes green electricity affordable and straightforward for households in Germany and Europe.
Clean Energy, CleanTech, Electrical Distribution, Energy, GreenTech, Renewable Energy Berlin, Berlin, Germany
sprng-energy_logo Sprng Energy
Sprng Energy is a renewable energy platform set up in India by private equity fund manager Actis.
Energy, GreenTech, Renewable Energy Pune, Maharashtra, India
heycharge_logo HeyCharge
HeyCharge provides charging infrastructure, payment systems, and installation for electric vehicles.
Electric Vehicle, Energy, Green Building, GreenTech, Transportation Munich, Bayern, Germany
spark-43fa_logo SparkChange
SparkChange is a provider of specialist carbon investment products and data, serving global institutions and their clients.
Financial Services, FinTech, GreenTech London, England, United Kingdom
lixo_logo Lixo
Technologies for circular economy
GreenTech, Recycling, Software Paris, Ile-de-France, France
pod-point_logo Pod Point
We’re building the infrastructure needed for the mass adoption of electric vehicles in the UK & Europe.
Automotive, CleanTech, Electric Vehicle, GreenTech London, England, United Kingdom
ceres-power_logo Ceres Power
Ceres Power Holdings PLC is a world leading developer of low cost, next generation fuel cell technology. LSE:CWR
Energy, Fuel, Fuel Cell, GreenTech, Oil and Gas Horsham, West Sussex, United Kingdom
fusion-fuel_logo Fusion Fuel
Fusion Fuel is into production of green hydrogen. NASDAQ:HTOO
Chemical, Chemical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, GreenTech Dublin, Dublin, Ireland
empower_logo Empower
Empower offers blockchain-powered tracking that digitize waste streams and make them available to buyers as well as auditors.
Big Data, Blockchain, CleanTech, GreenTech, Quality Assurance, Social Impact, Waste Management Oslo, Oslo, Norway
carbon-streaming_logo Carbon Streaming
Carbon Streaming is an ESG principled investment vehicle offering investors exposure to carbon credits. OTCPINK:OFSTF
GreenTech, Impact Investing, Sustainability Toronto, Ontario, Canada
shoreline_logo Shoreline
The Wind SaaS Simulation and Workflow Management Platform
Analytics, B2B, Enterprise Software, GreenTech, SaaS, Simulation Stavanger, Rogaland, Norway
novelda-as_logo Novelda
Novelda is a sensor company specializing in nanoscale wireless low-power ultra wideband technology for high resolution impulse radar.
Auto Insurance, Consumer Electronics, Electronics, Green Building, GreenTech, Semiconductor, Sensor, Smart Building, Smart Home Oslo, Oslo, Norway
hero-future-energies_logo Hero Future Energies
Hero Future Energies Pvt. Ltd. (HFE), one of the Independent Power Producers.
Energy, Environmental Consulting, GreenTech, Non Profit, Renewable Energy New Delhi, Delhi, India
farmdrop_logo Farmdrop
Farmdrop: the online supermarket that delivers fresher, fairer food & home essentials directly to your door.
E-Commerce, Food Delivery, GreenTech, Internet, Organic Food, Wine And Spirits London, England, United Kingdom
charge-amps_logo Charge Amps
Charge Amps is greetech company.
GreenTech, Manufacturing Solna, Stockholms Lan, Sweden
calyxt_logo Calyxt
Calyxt is an Agbiotech company focused on developing crops with healthier characteristics NASDAQ:CLXT
Agriculture, Biotechnology, Developer Platform, Food and Beverage, GreenTech, Health Care Minnesota City, Minnesota, United States
mewe-inc-_logo CoInspect
CoInspect is building SaaS tools to ensure food safety & sustainability from farm to fork.
CleanTech, GovTech, GreenTech, Mobile, Quality Assurance, Risk Management, SaaS, Software, Supply Chain Management, Sustainability San Francisco, California, United States
h2u-technologies_logo H2U Technologies
H2U Technologies is a clean-energy company developing a proprietary electrocatalyst discovery process for electrolyser.
Clean Energy, CleanTech, Energy, GreenTech, Renewable Energy Chatsworth, California, United States
kerb-2_logo KERB
KERB is a 'city app', which enables kerbside services - eg, parking, EV-charging, car-sharing, etc - for cities all over the world.
Automotive, Electric Vehicle, GreenTech, Last Mile Transportation, Mobile Apps, Parking, Smart Cities, Software Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
ayas-renewables_logo Ayas Renewables
Ayas Renewables is green chemistry company producing bio-renewable chemicals that replace the same molecule currently made from petroleum.
Chemical, Green Consumer Goods, GreenTech, Industrial, Renewable Energy Birmingham, Alabama, United States
growup-farms_logo GrowUp Farms
We’re turning food production on its head to make way better food, that doesn’t cost the earth.
Agriculture, Clean Energy, Communities, Farming, GreenTech, Sustainability Bristol, Bristol, City of, United Kingdom
tribaldata_logo Tribaldata
We offer smart sustainable advertising solutions, in the intersection of consumer data and environmental impact
Ad Targeting, Big Data, Digital Marketing, GreenTech, Social Impact, Sustainability Madrid, Madrid, Spain
tform-inc_logo Bubble Paper
Bubble Paper™ designs and manufactures optimized paper-based packaging solutions for the industrial, void fill, and cold chain markets.
GreenTech, Manufacturing, Packaging Services, Sustainability Greenville, South Carolina, United States
biohitech-america_logo Renovare Environmental
Renovare Environmental uses Green Technology and Big Data to dispose of organic waste, cut costs, and drive sustainability. NASDAQ:RENO
Big Data, Biotechnology, GreenTech, Waste Management Chestnut Ridge, Pennsylvania, United States
dispatch-goods_logo Dispatch Goods
Dispatch Goods is a climate tech company that is disrupting waste through an end-to-end platform for reuse.
Delivery, Food and Beverage, GreenTech, Sustainability San Francisco, California, United States
china-everbright-international_logo China Everbright International
China Everbright International Limited is focused on the development of environmental protection businesses. HKG:257
CleanTech, GreenTech, Natural Resources Admiralty, Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong
heliorec_logo HelioRec
Simple, powerful floating solar technology
CleanTech, GreenTech, Hardware, Renewable Energy, Solar Nantes, Pays de la Loire, France
traace_logo Traace
Take control of your carbon footprint .
GreenTech, Software, Sustainability, Test and Measurement Paris, Ile-de-France, France
ettitude_logo Ettitude
ettitude is a direct-to-consumer sustainable lifestyle brand offering modern bedding, bath and sleepwear products.
E-Commerce, GreenTech, Organic Los Angeles, California, United States
vitibot_logo VitiBot
VitiBot designs and produces autonomous wine robots that revolutionize the work of the vine.
Agriculture, AgTech, CleanTech, GreenTech, Hardware, Robotics, Sustainability Reims, Champagne-Ardenne, France
kata-recycling_logo Kata Recycling
Kata Recycling is an internet waste management platform engaged in providing online and offline waste recycling services.
GreenTech, Internet, Recycling, Waste Management Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
naava_logo Naava
Naava is a smart and active green wall that revolutionizes the air being breathe.
GreenTech, Health Care, Innovation Management Helsinki, Southern Finland, Finland
dynamhex_logo Dynamhex
Target climate action. Measure impact.
CleanTech, Data Visualization, GovTech, Green Building, GreenTech Kansas City, Missouri, United States
lune-climate_logo Lune Climate
Lune Climate offers the API for emissions calculations and carbon removal.
GreenTech, Information Services, Information Technology, Software, Sustainability London, England, United Kingdom
green-whale-global_logo Green Whale Global
Bioplastic Manufacturing
Chemical, Chemical Engineering, Green Consumer Goods, GreenTech, Manufacturing, Plastics and Rubber Manufacturing Seoul, Seoul-t'ukpyolsi, South Korea
loliware_logo LOLIWARE
LOLIWARE is an award-winning materials tech company dedicated to replacing single-use plastics with seaweed.
Advanced Materials, Biotechnology, GreenTech, Sustainability San Jose, California, United States
sufresca_logo Sufresca
Sufresca develops bio-edible coatings for fruits and vegetables that prolong shelf life and help create a plastic free world,
AgTech, Biotechnology, Environmental Engineering, Food Processing, GreenTech, Sustainability Kfar Vitkin, HaMerkaz, Israel
groguru_logo GroGuru
GroGuru is an agriculture company that help farmers increase their crop yield using water in a sustainable way.
Agriculture, AgTech, Farming, GreenTech San Diego, California, United States
solarmente_logo SolarMente
SolarMente installs and finances solar rooftops in Spain
Blockchain, Energy, Environmental Engineering, GreenTech, Solar, Sustainability Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
green-project-technologies_logo Green Project Technologies
Green Project Technologies helps private equity firms, law firms, and suppliers automate tracking and reducing their emissions.
Energy Efficiency, GreenTech, Software Brooklyn, New York, United States
grünfin_logo Grünfin
Grünfin is a sustainable investing platform for people who care about their impact.
FinTech, GreenTech, Health Care, Impact Investing Tallinn, Harjumaa, Estonia
illuminum-greenhouses_logo Synnefa
SaaS Agtech making complex farming feel simple by providing an online farm record keeping dashboard integrated with AI powered IoT devices.
Agriculture, AgTech, Artificial Intelligence, Farming, GreenTech, Internet of Things, Machine Learning, SaaS Nairobi, Nairobi Area, Kenya
apiday_logo Apiday
SaaS platform for corporate ESG data management: from regulatory compliance and investor reporting to sustainability certifications
GreenTech, SaaS, Software, Sustainability Paris, Ile-de-France, France
inoqo_logo Inoqo
inoqo is a mobile app supporting users to live more sustainably
Apps, CleanTech, GreenTech, Information Technology, Sustainability Vienna, Wien, Austria
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