Organizations in Renewable Energy

Name Industry Address
lunar-energy_logo Lunar Energy
Lunar Energy builds clean energy products to deliver home electrification at scale.
Clean Energy, CleanTech, Electrical Distribution, Energy Management, Renewable Energy Mountain View, California, United States
octopus-energy_logo Octopus Energy
Octopus Energy builds technology that reduces the cost of energy to improve customer experience.
Energy, Energy Efficiency, GreenTech, Renewable Energy London, England, United Kingdom
sunrun_logo Sunrun
Sunrun provides residential solar electricity and solar power services for homeowners. NASDAQ:RUN
Clean Energy, Energy, Renewable Energy, Solar San Francisco, California, United States
sunpower_logo SunPower
SunPower Corporation delivers high-performance solar electric systems worldwide for residential, commercial and utility-scale customers. NASDAQ:SPWR
Energy, Renewable Energy, Solar San Jose, California, United States
fervo-energy_logo Fervo Energy
Fervo Energy is a developer of proprietary clean energy technology to generate power from enhanced geothermal systems.
Clean Energy, Energy, Environmental Engineering, Renewable Energy Berkeley, California, United States
adani-enterprises_logo Adani Enterprises
Adani Enterprises focuses on building stellar infrastructural assets contributing to nation-building. NBO:ADANIENT
Energy, Manufacturing, Renewable Energy, Solar Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
ascend-elements_logo Ascend Elements
Ascend Elements manufactures advanced battery materials using valuable elements reclaimed from spent lithium-ion batteries.
Battery, Energy, Energy Storage, Manufacturing, Renewable Energy Westborough, Massachusetts, United States
renew-power_logo ReNew Power
ReNew Power is a renewable energy company that focuses on wind-energy projects. NASDAQ:RNW
Clean Energy, Energy, Renewable Energy, Solar, Wind Energy Gurgaon, Haryana, India
enphase-energy_logo Enphase Energy
Enphase Energy offers a micro-inverter system that delivers solar energy to homes and businesses. NASDAQ:ENPH
Energy, Renewable Energy, Solar Petaluma, California, United States
blue-origin_logo Blue Origin
Blue Origin is an aerospace company that focuses on lowering the cost of spaceflight and helping to explore the solar system.
Aerospace, Manufacturing, National Security, Renewable Energy Kent, Washington, United States
generate-capital_logo Generate Capital
Generate Capital builds, owns, and operates sustainable infrastructure to deliver affordable and reliable resource solutions.
Renewable Energy, Solar, Sustainability San Francisco, California, United States
gazprom_logo Gazprom
Gazprom is a global energy company. Its major business lines are geological exploration, production, transportation, storage, processing MCX:GAZP
Business Intelligence, Energy, Energy Efficiency, Mining, Renewable Energy Moscow, Moscow City, Russian Federation
sunnova_logo Sunnova
Sunnova is a residential solar company providing nationwide coverage of affordable and reliable energy to customers' homes. NYSE:NOVA
Clean Energy, Energy, Renewable Energy, Solar Houston, Texas, United States
cygni-energy_logo Cygni Energy
Cygni Energy is a manufacturer of energy storage devices for commercial and institutional customers.
Energy, Renewable Energy, Solar Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India
arcadia-power-2_logo Arcadia
Arcadia is a climate software and data company that specializes in decarbonizing the electric grid.
Clean Energy, CleanTech, Database, Renewable Energy, Software, Solar Washington, District of Columbia, United States
alveo-energy_logo Natron Energy
Natron Energy is an energy storage company that develops sodium ion battery solutions leveraging Prussian Blue electrode materials.
Battery, CleanTech, Energy, Energy Storage, Renewable Energy Santa Clara, California, United States
flexgen-power-systems_logo FlexGen
FlexGen develops storage solutions and software that focuses on todayโ€™s energy transition.
Battery, Energy, Energy Storage, Renewable Energy, Semiconductor, Software Durham, North Carolina, United States
tae-technologies_logo TAE Technologies
TAE Technologies is leveraging proprietary science and engineering to tackle the worldโ€™s biggest challenges.
Clean Energy, CleanTech, Energy, Energy Management, Renewable Energy Foothill Ranch, California, United States
source-3902_logo Source
Source is a developer and manufacturer of solar-powered devices designed to extract drinkable water from the atmosphere.
Environmental Engineering, Manufacturing, Renewable Energy, Water, Water Purification Tempe, Arizona, United States
commonwealth-fusion-systems_logo Commonwealth Fusion
Commonwealth Fusion is an MIT spinoff research company that focuses on bringing fusion energy technology to market.
Clean Energy, Electrical Distribution, Energy, Environmental Engineering, Renewable Energy Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States
schneider-electric_logo Schneider Electric
Schneider Electric is an electric company that creates and develops products that help people conserve energy.
Electronics, Energy, Energy Management, Information Technology, Renewable Energy Rueil-malmaison, Ile-de-France, France
solidenergy_logo SES
SES is a manufacturer and developer of Hybrid Li-Metal Batteries for electric vehicles. NYSE:SES
Battery, Electric Vehicle, Energy Storage, Manufacturing, Renewable Energy, Wearables Woburn, Massachusetts, United States
darling-international_logo Darling Ingredients
Darling Ingredients is an agri-food company that reduces food waste from animal-based co-products and other natural materials. NYSE:DAR
Animal Feed, Biofuel, Manufacturing, Organic Food, Renewable Energy Irving, Texas, United States
ovo-energy-2_logo OVO Energy
OVO Energy is an independent energy technology company and supplier.
Energy, Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy Bristol, Bristol, City of, United Kingdom
amyris-biotechnologies_logo Amyris
Amyris Biotechnologies specializes in creating renewable products focusing on fuels and chemicals. NASDAQ:AMRS
Biotechnology, Chemical, CleanTech, Renewable Energy Emeryville, California, United States
maxeon-solar-technologies_logo Maxeon Solar Technologies
Maxeon Solar Technologies designs and manufactures SunPower brand solar panels. NASDAQ:MAXN
Energy, Manufacturing, Renewable Energy Singapore, Central Region, Singapore
azure-power_logo Azure Power
Azure Power produces and distributes solar power to commercial, government, and utility customers in India. NYSE:AZRE
Energy, Renewable Energy, Solar New Delhi, Delhi, India
form-energy_logo Form Energy
Form Energy develops and commercializes a low-cost battery system that can store wind and solar energy for a long duration.
Battery, Energy, Energy Storage, Environmental Engineering, Renewable Energy Somerville, Massachusetts, United States
helion-energy_logo Helion Energy
Helion Energy is a fusion power company developing the world's first fusion generators, enabling a future with unlimited clean energy.
Energy, Environmental Engineering, Renewable Energy Everett, Washington, United States
bidgely_logo Bidgely
Bidgely leverages the power of AI to optimize utility customer engagement and is the choice of leading utilities
Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Consumer Software, Energy, GovTech, Information Technology, Internet, Machine Learning, Renewable Energy, Software Mountain View, California, United States
powin-energy-corporation_logo Powin Energy
Powin Energy is a manufacturer and developer of energy storage technology for transportation and portable power applications.
Energy, Energy Storage, Manufacturing, Renewable Energy, Semiconductor Tualatin, Oregon, United States
vestas_logo Vestas
Vestas is the only global energy company dedicated exclusively to wind energy. Wind is our business and our passion.
Energy, Environmental Engineering, Renewable Energy Aarhus, Midtjylland, Denmark
greencom-networks-ag_logo GreenCom Networks AG
GreenCom Networks is a Software-as-a-Service Company, offering white-label solutions for the utility industry and energy service companies.
Energy, Internet of Things, Renewable Energy, SaaS, Software Munich, Bayern, Germany
bboxx_logo Bboxx
Bboxx manufactures plug and play solar systems.
Electrical Distribution, Energy, Energy Management, Renewable Energy, Solar London, England, United Kingdom
blue-world-technologies_logo Blue World Technologies
Blue World Technologies is a fuel cell manufacturer especially in methanol fuel cells as an alternative to non-renewable fuels.
Fuel Cell, Manufacturing, Renewable Energy Aalborg, Nordjylland, Denmark
gridserve_logo GridServe
GridServe is a renewable Energy for critical power infrastructure applications.
Electric Vehicle, Renewable Energy, Solar Iver, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom
lanzatech-new-zealand_logo LanzaTech
Creating new economic opportunities for companies, communities and countries around the world.
Clean Energy, CleanTech, Fuel, Natural Resources, Renewable Energy, Sustainability Skokie, Illinois, United States
ambri_logo Ambri
Ambri is an early-stage company focused on developing a transformative technology.
Energy, Energy Storage, Manufacturing, Oil and Gas, Renewable Energy, Solar Marlborough, Massachusetts, United States
xenergy_logo XENERGY
X-energy is a nuclear reactor & fuel design engineering company.
Clean Energy, CleanTech, Energy, Renewable Energy Rockville, Maryland, United States
energy-vault-sa_logo Energy Vault
Energy Vault offers a utility-scale, gravity-based storage solution for renewable energy. NYSE:NRGV
Energy, Energy Management, Energy Storage, Renewable Energy Lugano, Ticino, Switzerland
green-yellow-holding_logo GreenYellow
GreenYellow allows anyone to produce and manage energy through solar photovoltaics, efficiency, and energy optimization.
Energy, Renewable Energy, Semiconductor, Solar Paris, Ile-de-France, France
dandelion-energy_logo Dandelion Energy
Dandelion Energy is a home geothermal company that offers geothermal heating and cooling installations.
CleanTech, Energy, GreenTech, Renewable Energy New York, New York, United States
patch-34bf_logo Patch Technologies
Patch is building the infrastructure for a climate positive economy, starting with an API for carbon removal.
Enterprise Software, Environmental Consulting, Renewable Energy, Software San Francisco, California, United States
odyssey-energy-solutions_logo Odyssey Energy Solutions
Odyssey Energy Solutions is an industry platform to simplify, streamline, and reduce the costs of developing and financing energy projects.
Environmental Consulting, Renewable Energy, Software Boulder, Colorado, United States
ormat-technologies_logo Ormat Technologies
Ormat Technologies engages in the geothermal and recovered energy power business. TLV:ORA
Energy, Environmental Consulting, Renewable Energy Reno, Nevada, United States
solid-power_logo Solid Power
Solid Power is a developer of solid-state rechargeable batteries for electric vehicles and mobile power markets. NASDAQ:SLDP
Battery, Electric Vehicle, Energy, Energy Storage, Renewable Energy Louisville, Colorado, United States
sunseap_logo Sunseap
Sunseap is a Singaporean provider of solar and clean energy.
Clean Energy, Energy, Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy, Solar Singapore, Central Region, Singapore
novasource-power_logo NovaSource Power
NovaSource Power is the insight and O&M services partner for renewables asset owners ready to fuel smart growth.
Clean Energy, Energy, Renewable Energy Austin, Texas, United States
stratean_logo CleanSpark
CleanSpark is the developer of a patented and revolutionary "stratified" downdraft gasifier. OTCQB:CLSK
Renewable Energy San Diego, California, United States
cb2tech_logo Nyobolt
Nyobolt is a developer of high-powered battery technology used to serve automotive applications.
Battery, Energy, Manufacturing, Renewable Energy Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom
silviaterra_logo NCX
NCX enables corporations to support landowners and their forests through its forest carbon marketplace.
Biometrics, Forestry, Marketplace, Renewable Energy, Sustainability San Francisco, California, United States
cypress-creek-renewables_logo Cypress Creek Renewables
Cypress Creek Renewables is a national provider of local solar.
Environmental Engineering, Renewable Energy, Solar Santa Monica, California, United States
greenlight-planet_logo Sun King
Sun King sells, installs and finances solar home systems for the 1.8 billion off-grid and under-electrified consumers.
Clean Energy, Consumer, Renewable Energy, Solar Chicago, Illinois, United States
autogrid_logo Autogrid
AutoGrid Systems organizes energy data and employs big data analytics to generate real-time predictions that create actionable data.
Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Electric Vehicle, Energy, Energy Storage, Internet of Things, Renewable Energy Redwood City, California, United States
d-light-design_logo D.light
d.light is an international social enterprise that serves people without access to reliable electricity.
Energy, Renewable Energy, Solar Berkeley, California, United States
amogy_logo Amogy
Amogy builds an innovative clean energy system using ammonia as a renewable fuel.
Clean Energy, CleanTech, Energy, Renewable Energy, Sustainability Brooklyn, New York, United States
mycoworks_logo MycoWorks
MycoWorks is a biotech company that delivers commercially viable non-plastic and non-animal materials to the market.
Biotechnology, Building Material, Manufacturing, Product Research, Renewable Energy, Sustainability Emeryville, California, United States
pivot-energy_logo Pivot Energy
Pivot Energy is a national solar provider that develops, finances, builds owns, and manages solar and storage energy projects.
Energy, Environmental Consulting, Renewable Energy, Solar Denver, Colorado, United States
lhyfe_logo Lhyfe
Lhyfe is a developer, investor, and supplier of 100% green hydrogen for mobility and industry. EPA:LHYFE
Energy Management, Renewable Energy Nantes, Pays de la Loire, France
enervenue_logo EnerVenue
EnerVenue provides metal-hydrogen batteries for large-scale renewable and storage applications.
Energy, Renewable Energy Fremont, California, United States
nextracker_logo Nextracker
NEXTracker offers a breakthrough in horizontal tracking, with lower costs, better performance, and more flexibility for solar power plants.
Natural Resources, Renewable Energy, Software, Solar Fremont, California, United States
our-next-energy_logo Our Next Energy
Our Next Energy is a developer of energy storage technology to expand access to sustainable power.
Battery, Electronics, Energy, Energy Storage, Renewable Energy Novi, Michigan, United States
solaredge-technologies_logo SolarEdge Technologies
SolarEdge provides module-level electronics for solar power harvesting and monitoring systems. NASDAQ:SEDG
Energy, Renewable Energy, Solar Herzliya, Tel Aviv, Israel
esb-international_logo ESB
Founded in 1927, the Electricity Supply Board (ESB) is a statutory corporation in the Republic of Ireland.
Consulting, Electrical Distribution, Energy, Energy Efficiency, Energy Management, Legal, Renewable Energy Dublin, Dublin, Ireland
skyspecs_logo SkySpecs
SkySpecs offers renewable asset management solutions, including autonomous drone inspection services for onshore and offshore wind turbines.
Analytics, Asset Management, Renewable Energy, Robotics, Wind Energy Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States
carbon-engineering_logo Carbon Engineering
Carbon Engineering is a clean energy company.
Energy, Renewable Energy Squamish, British Columbia, Canada
ev-connect_logo EV Connect
EV Connect provides enterprise-class, electric vehicle charging software, and solutions.
Automotive, Electric Vehicle, Renewable Energy, Software El Segundo, California, United States
goodleap_logo GoodLeap
GoodLeap is a point-of-sale platform for sustainable home solutions.
Lending, Renewable Energy San Francisco, California, United States
karmsolar_logo KarmSolar
KarmSolar is a private off-grid solar energy integrator in Egypt.
Energy, Renewable Energy, Solar Cairo, Al Qahirah, Egypt
dividend-solar_logo Dividend Finance
Dividend Finance is a Technology-enabled finance platform supporting the energy transition with lending and other financial solutions.
Energy, Energy Efficiency, Finance, Financial Services, FinTech, Green Consumer Goods, Home Improvement, Home Renovation, Power Grid, Renewable Energy San Francisco, California, United States
sonnenbatterie_logo Sonnen
Sonnen is a pioneer for intelligent lithium based energy storage.
Battery, Clean Energy, Energy, Energy Efficiency, Energy Storage, Renewable Energy Wildpoldsried, Bayern, Germany
royal-dutch-shell_logo Royal Dutch Shell
Royal Dutch Shell is a global group of energy and petrochemicals companies. AMS:RDSA
Energy, Oil and Gas, Renewable Energy The Hague, Zuid-Holland, The Netherlands
redaptive-inc_logo Redaptive
Redaptive is an Efficiency-as-a-Service tool for commercial and industrial customers.
Energy, Energy Efficiency, Real Estate, Renewable Energy, SaaS, Smart Building San Francisco, California, United States
shyft-power-solutions_logo SHYFT Power Solutions
SHYFT Power Solutions builds IoT and Integrated Software to connect and intelligently manage distributed energy resources
Big Data, Energy, Energy Management, Renewable Energy, Software Oakland, California, United States
elestor_logo Elestor
Cutting the cost of electricity storage is their mission.
Energy, Real Estate, Renewable Energy, Solar Arnhem, Gelderland, The Netherlands
solarcity_logo SolarCity
SolarCity provides solar energy services to homeowners, businesses, government, and non-profit organizations. NASDAQ:SCTY
Construction, Energy, Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy, Solar San Mateo, California, United States
zap-energy_logo Zap Energy
Zap Energy is an energy technology company that builds a fusion reactor that does not employ magnets.
Energy, Nuclear, Renewable Energy Seattle, Washington, United States
ameresco_logo Ameresco
Ameresco, Inc. provides energy efficiency solutions for facilities in North America. The company engages in the development, design, NYSE:AMRC
Energy, Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy, Solar Framingham, Massachusetts, United States
genomatica_logo Genomatica
Genomatica manufactures sustainable chemicals from renewable feedstocks.
Chemical Engineering, CleanTech, Manufacturing, Renewable Energy San Diego, California, United States
avalanche-energy_logo Avalanche Energy
Design and supply minimalist solar energy product for small scale resdiential and commercial application
Energy, Renewable Energy, Solar Somerville, Massachusetts, United States
stora-enso_logo Stora Enso
Stora Enso is the global rethinker of the paper, biomaterials, wood products and packaging industry. HEL:STERV
Manufacturing, Paper Manufacturing, Renewable Energy Helsinki, Southern Finland, Finland
energyx-e10c_logo EnergyX
EnergyX is a clean technology company that optimizes the lithium extraction process.
Chemical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Renewable Energy San Juan, NA - Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico
centrica_logo Centrica
Centrica is a multinational energy and services company developing innovative solutions, offers, and products. LSE:CNA
Energy, Home Services, Oil and Gas, Renewable Energy Windsor, Windsor and Maidenhead, United Kingdom
newlight-technologies_logo Newlight Technologies
Newlight Technologies is a biotechnology company producing advanced sustainable materials.
Advanced Materials, Biotechnology, Chemical, Energy, Manufacturing, Renewable Energy Irvine, California, United States
chakr-innovation_logo Chakr Innovation
Chakr Innovation develops technologies that combat the grave threat posed by pollution.
Energy, Renewable Energy New Delhi, Delhi, India
mainstream-renewable-power_logo Mainstream Renewable Power
Mainstream Renewable Energy provides project design and management services for renewable and alternative energies.
Energy, Oil and Gas, Renewable Energy Sandyford, Dublin, Ireland
volt-storage_logo VoltStorage
VoltStorage develops and produces solar energy storage systems based on the eco-friendly Redox Flow technology.
Battery, Clean Energy, Electronics, Energy, Energy Management, Energy Storage, Renewable Energy Munich, Bayern, Germany
solytic-gmbh_logo Solytic
Solytic is a post-installation solar platform that helps stakeholders to drive profits, cut costs and extend lifecycles.
Clean Energy, CleanTech, Energy, Renewable Energy, Solar Berlin, Berlin, Germany
agl-energy_logo AGL Energy
AGL Energy focuses on renewable energy generation and sustainability. ASX:AGL
Clean Energy, CleanTech, Energy, Renewable Energy Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
swell-energy_logo Swell Energy
Swell is a California-based residential energy storage developer and aggregator.
Energy, Renewable Energy Santa Monica, California, United States
low-carbon_logo Low Carbon
Low Carbon is investing in, owning and operating renewable energy projects, Low Carbon is confronting climate change.
Energy, Renewable Energy London, England, United Kingdom
utility-global_logo Utility Global
Utility Global develops and designs a generation system to create a paradigm shift in how the world uses, stores, and transforms energy.
Energy, Energy Management, Renewable Energy Houston, Texas, United States
invenergy_logo Invenergy
Invenergy is a global privately-held developer and operator of sustainable energy solutions.
Energy, Energy Efficiency, Finance, Renewable Energy Chicago, Illinois, United States
amprius_logo Amprius
Amprius develops an anode out of silicon nanowires for lithium-ion batteries.
Battery, Nanotechnology, Renewable Energy Sunnyvale, California, United States
enfinity_logo Enfinity
Enfinity develops, finances, and sells integrated solar installations to companies and individuals.
Renewable Energy, Semiconductor, Solar Atlanta, Georgia, United States
factorial-energy_logo Factorial Energy
Factorial Energy focuses on sustainable future with safe, high performance batteries for EVs, homes, and critical applications.
Battery, Electric Vehicle, Renewable Energy Woburn, Massachusetts, United States
off-grid-electric_logo Zola Electric
Zola Electric provides customers with in-depth reporting on system statuses, and performance and analysis of power consumption behavior.
Electrical Distribution, Energy, Renewable Energy Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, The Netherlands
h2pro_logo H2Pro
H2Pro is a renewable energy company that is working on an efficient green hydrogen production method - E-TAC.
Energy, Energy Efficiency, Energy Management, Renewable Energy Caesarea, Hefa, Israel
sungreenh2_logo SunGreenH2
SunGreenH2 is a deep cleantech company making electrolysers produce 2x green hydrogen using 30x lower precious metals and 10% lower energy.
Advanced Materials, Clean Energy, CleanTech, Energy, Environmental Engineering, Fuel Cell, GreenTech, Manufacturing, Nanotechnology, Renewable Energy Singapore, Central Region, Singapore
ubiquitous-energy_logo Ubiquitous Energy
Ubiquitous Energy makes transparent solar technology for windows, electronics, and other applications.
Building Material, Clean Energy, Energy, Renewable Energy, Solar, Windows Redwood City, California, United States
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