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Yo, bitches, Breaking Badโ€™s Aaron Paul just launched

Rather than saying โ€œHeyโ€, โ€œHowdyโ€, or even โ€œYoโ€, you can choose from โ€œYo, Bitch,โ€ โ€œHooray, Bitch,โ€ โ€œBueno, Bitch,โ€ and countless others depending on the situation. Itโ€™s ...See details»

Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul just released an app called Yo, Bitch

SEND A YO B*TCH!'. The ouroboros of internet culture has found a way to eat itself all over. Aaron Paul, best known as Tobey Marshall in 2014's video game adaptation Need for โ€ฆSee details»

Yo Bitch! - Jesse Pinkman Breaking Bad - YouTube

See complete version at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7mOHyt8GCsYSee details»

Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul has a new app: Yo B*tch - CNN โ€ฆ

This week, Paul launched a free iOS app called "Yo B*tch." With a twist on the infamous million-dollar messaging app "Yo " that Breaking Bad fans will get a kick out of, users โ€ฆSee details»

Bitch (slang) - Wikipedia

Bitch (/ b ษช t สƒ / bich) is a pejorative slang word for a person, usually a woman. When applied to a woman or girl, it means someone who is belligerent, unreasonable, malicious, โ€ฆSee details»

Hereโ€™s a Timeline of Young Dolph and Yo Gottiโ€™s Beef - XXL Mag

February 2016. During an appearance on Hot 97's Ebro in the Morning show in February 2016, Young Dolph downplayed his beef with Yo Gotti, going as far as to acknowledge โ€ฆSee details»

Urban Dictionary: yo bitch

Jesse Pinkman's way of greeting or getting happy.See details»

Yo Bitch (@yobitch) / Twitter

<style> body { -ms-overflow-style: scrollbar; overflow-y: scroll; overscroll-behavior-y: none; } .errorContainer { background-color: #FFF; color: #0F1419; max-width ...See details»

Urban Dictionary: gybaitgdhbibymfa

Get yo bitch ass in the god damn house before i beat yo motha fuckin ass!See details»

Famous Dex - With Yo B!tch (Dir. Cole Bennett) - YouTube

Shot + Edited by Cole Bennett (@_ColeBennett_)@FamousDex - With Yo B!tch (Prod. by @BRENTRAMB0 & @1WHORU)--Official Channel of Cole Bennett / Lyrical Lemonad...See details»

Rich Brian โ€“ Who That Be Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

Yo bitch on me but you can never do nothing. 'Cause yo' mama raised a pussy. Every time I walk to the drop top, can't help but. Close my eyes 'cause my whip so glossy. God โ€ฆSee details»

Run That Back Because That Joke Was Horrible | Know Your Meme

Bitch ass boy, shut yo bitch ass up. Spread. On January 10th, 2021, Redditor GreenCheeese posted "Run Dat Back" to /r/copypasta, and a number of Redditors โ€ฆSee details»

Urban Dictionary: you bitch

Used in the jetsons movie when elroy is acuatly saying you bet but it sure sounds like itSee details»

Urban Dictionary: Ifyb

I fucked yo bitch. Stands for, โ€œI fucked your bitchโ€. Used when telling someone that you fucked (sexual intercourse) the personโ€™s significant other (whore).See details»

Urban Dictionary: FYB

FYB means Follow Your Bliss. The connection between happiness and bliss is this: Bliss is the pathway to happiness. Happiness is a state of mind; following your bliss is how โ€ฆSee details»

JAY-Z โ€“ Is That Yo Bitch? Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

You had to see she keep calling me B.I.G. And my name is Jay-Z. She be all on my dick. Gradually I'm taking over your bitch. Coming over your shit. Got my feet up on you sofa, โ€ฆSee details»

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Diamonds on my wrist uh oh (Uh oh) These niggas is fake, uh oh. These niggas is hating, uh oh. I'm making these plays, uh oh. I'm making these plays, uh oh (Uh oh) I'm state to โ€ฆSee details»

Urban Dictionary: You my bitch

Somebody you have in check, they do what you command.See details»

Complete Jesse Pinkman "BITCH" Montage (Breaking Bad โ€ฆ

All 54 times that Jesse says 'BITCH" in all 5 seasons of the show "Breaking Bad".If you haven't watched "Breaking Bad" yet, then what are you doing bitch!See details»

Urban Dictionary: my bitch

An individual who belongs to you. ... my bitch, an affectionate way that someone might refer to their girlfriend as, a word used by the likes of chavs and 'playas' although prefferably โ€ฆSee details»