Education is transforming. Traditional content is being augmented by open content, desktop learning is transitioning to mobile learning, standards are being replaced by measured outcomes. Digital education, in all its forms, is at the center of this transformation and Yuzu is an exciting incubator at the center of digital education. Created expressly to lead the transition, develop new ideas and innovative products, transform and disrupt educational content delivery and to support student learni... ng, Yuzu is positioned to seize the incredible growth opportunity in the nascent digital education market. With direct channel access to 25% of students in U.S. higher education, unique academic publisher partnerships, Yuzu will lead and thrive as the leading education digital content and technology company. Yuzu has teams in New York, New Jersey, Seattle and Mountain View each specializing on core areas of educational technology and each enjoying the open and entrepreneurial feel of a start-up with the support and funding of a larger corporation. Specialties Higher Education, eTextbooks, eLearning, Web Reader, Tablet Learning

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Jorgen Koefoed
Jorgen Koefoed Owner @ Yuzu

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