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Mark Isham
Mark Isham President and CEO @ Zoompf
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Billy Hoffman

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http://www.zoompf.com Semrush global rank: 7.99 M Semrush visits lastest month: 199

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  • Location: United States
  • Latitude: 37.751
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Zoompf Inc Information Zoompf helps the enterprise build faster websites to increase sales. Slow websites lose millions of dollars every year due to customer abandonment and wasted bandwidth costs. The Zoompf platform not only identifies where your website is slow, but also helps you build in fast performance from the beginning.See details»

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Contact Email [email protected] Phone Number 877.474.4671. Zoompf helps the enterprise build faster websites to increase customer sales. Slow web and mobile sites lose millions of dollars every year due to customer abandonment and poor SEO ranking.See details»

Optimize Your Website - Zoompf Web Performance

Check all broken links reported by Zoompf and change the URL to the appropriate location. If the reference has moved to a new location, consider using a permanent redirect to let other websites and search engines know where the new web page is located. Apache. The format to specify a permanent redirect in Apacheโ€™s httpd.conf is:See details»

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Zoompf General Information. Description. Developer of enterprise performance improvement software for websites. The company provides an enterprise performance auditing platform that helps enterprises build faster websites through their prescriptive intelligence engine. It allows customers to interpret substantial amounts of data and then use ...See details»

The Business Case for Fast Website Performance - Zoompf

In the 2011 U.S. Presidential election campaign, the Obama for America site improved page load time from 5 seconds to 2 seconds. After conducting 240 A/B tests, the new site was shown to improve donation conversions by 14%, an increase of over $34 million. In 2012, Intuit reduced their page load time from 15 seconds to 2 seconds.See details»

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Zoompf is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. What is Zoompf's revenue? Zoompf's revenue is $1 - 10M. Similar Companies. Amdo. 52 South Linden Avenue Suite 3, South San Francisco, California, United States. IBM Security. 890 Winter Street Suite 230, Waltham, Massachusetts, United States.See details»

Announcing the Zoompf Alerts Beta! - Zoompf Web Performance

Detecting a performance defect is just half the battle. Zoompf Alerts also helps you see where the problem is, and gives detailed information on how to fix it. And in some cases, we can even fix the problem for you! First, Zoompf Alerts stores the full HTTP response for any performance defect, captured at the point in time the defect was detected. We then highlight โ€ฆSee details»

Free Web Performance Alerts - Zoompf

Zoompf Alerts continuously analyzes your website for the common causes of slow performance, notifying you when changes introduce new performance defects. While other solutions just monitor how fast your page loads, Zoompf Alerts analyzes your actual website code and server configuration to pinpoint the root causes of slow website performance.See details»

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Find jobs, benefits and insider info about Zoompf Inc., an Information Technology company in . Office address: ,See details»

App: Zoompf Performance Report Helps You Find And Fix โ€ฆ

Zoompf provides a superior performance analysis over free tools in 3 key ways: breadth, depth, and detail. First, Zoompf scans large portions of your site, not just a single page. This ensures that all your pages are optimized. Next, Zoompf tests for over 100 different performance issues from their comprehensive database of over 400.See details»

ZOOMPF INCORPORATED | Georgia Company Directory

ZOOMPF INCORPORATED was registered on Oct 26 2009 as a domestic profit corporation type with the address 9158 BRANCH VALLEY WAY, ROSWELL, GA, 30076, USA. The company id for this entity is 09074636. There are 3 director records in this entity. The agent name for this entity is: S & H Atlanta, LLC.See details»

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Debug Your Performance Defects with Zoompf Alerts

Zoompf Alerts currently tests for 10 different high impact performance best practices: Static File Caching, Content Compression, Image Optimization, Combinable Resources and more. To see this list, first log into your Zoompf Alerts dashboard and scroll down to the bottom of the page . In the โ€œDefects By Typeโ€ section, youโ€™ll see a brief overview of each โ€ฆSee details»

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