Zopto offers cloud-based software that allows businesses to automate the LinkedIn outreach campaigns through a web-interface.


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Andrei Breaz
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Andrei Breaz

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Features - Zopto

Zopto is a cloud-based lead generation tool with dedicated IP address. Access it from any device via cloud connection. Secure Prospecting. The #1 LinkedIn social selling tool, our algorithm mimics human behaviour so you never get a LinkedIn ban. Free Support. Zopto offers unlimited support from a team of real, approachable people who care about your business. Features …See details»

Zopto Review - Is This Tool Safe? Uncovering The Truth

Zopto is an automation tool focused on the LinkedIn social platform. In the past few years, automation tools have peaked in both performance and popularity. That being said, not all of them should be trusted to boost your account. Although Zopto has been around for a while, that doesn’t guarantee it’s safe to use today.See details»

Zopto Information | Zopto Profile

Zopto Revenue: $5.00 Million | Employees: 5 | Industry: Software Development & Design, Software | View Zopto's full company profile >>>See details»

Running A Campaign In Zopto - Zopto Blog

In the screenshot below, you can see the progress of your new campaign (“Fetch Starting”). This means Zopto is fetching/importing the contacts we’ve added/selected. When you click on the name of the campaign you’ll be …See details»

How to Scrape LinkedIn and Use the Data Effectively - Zopto

5. Webscraper.io. Web Scraper is the final tool on the list which is both a Chrome extension and a cloud-based data scraper. It specializes in web page data extraction so will scrape for text, links, files, and more. It also allows you to create sitemaps to navigate different sites (including LinkedIn).See details»

How to Become a LinkedIn Influencer - Zopto

Becoming an influencer quickly increases your brand awareness and positions you as an industry leader. 2. Your opinions carry weight. As an influencer on LinkedIn, you have the ability to recommend products, services, and put your business directly in front of these business leaders, knowing they trust your judgment.See details»

Creating a LinkedIn Group for Lead Generation - Zopto

LinkedIn users use groups to gain insight into topics they can’t find elsewhere. By posting high-value educational content, you’ll become a hub of information that more and more people want to be part of. The other 20% can be company updates, offers, promotional content, etc. – but these should be sparing and non-spammy content. Relevant ...See details»

How to Manage LinkedIn Lead Gen Campaigns - Zopto

Here are steps to capturing leads on LinkedIn. Improve your profile – ensure your profile is as comprehensive as possible with plenty of information about you and your business. Post valuable content – don’t post content for content’s sake. Ensure the content you post is of interest to your target audience and tells a story.See details»

Zopto - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Zopto is a British software company established in 2018 with an additional office located in Manhattan, USA.. It is a cloud-based set of software tools that is mainly used by B2B businesses to send automatic messages and information over the LinkedIn network. It has been used by companies like Accenture, Zoom, IBM etc.. ReferencesSee details»

Zopto Reviews 2022 - Capterra

Reasons for Choosing Zopto: Zopto came Highly Recommended by my mentor and coach, and after a a few internet inquiries - no competition seemed as developed or as accessible.Combined with the fact that my mentor is available indefinitely - and is proficient with the software - as well as having already used it to great success with his own business - there was really not much …See details»

Introducing Zopto, Your New Favourite Expandi Alternative

With Zopto, you can ensure you’re fully compliant with the latest GDPR regulations while still reaching out to people at scale. Integrate your favourite CRM system using Zapier to synchronise your connections and maintain constantly up-to-date contact information.See details»

Zopto Pricing, Reviews, & Features in 2022

Zopto Pricing. Personal. $ 215/ Per Month. Grow. $ 395/ Per Month. Agency. $ 895/ Per Month. 1 account included. Profile View Generator.See details»

Improving Your Sales With LinkedIn Tools - Zopto Blog

A Comprehensive Guide to LinkedIn Tools For Boosting Sales. LinkedIn is a platform where just about every professional and salesperson needs to be. It’s a place where you can meet and connect with industry names and decision-makers, as well as expand your own brand awareness. As the platform has grown, many useful tools have been introduced.See details»

Taking Advantage of LinkedIn Private Mode - Zopto

You don’t want people being able to see your information and being underwhelmed with what they find. Make the Most of the LinkedIn Private Mode Feature. When it comes to LinkedIn lead generation and outreach, the private setting is an easy tool to boost your efforts.See details»

Messaging: Identifying USP & Customer Pain Points - Zopto

There are many factors that determine who you should be targeting, both related to the customer and your business. Two elements worth considering in detail are your unique selling proposition/point (USP) and customer pain points. To give you a head start, we’ve taken a look at everything you need to know about both of these factors.See details»

Building Your Zopto Prospect List | Zopto Academy

Building a Prospect List using Automated Tools. The other option is to use tools to bring more automation to your efforts. These can automatically identify the types of people you should be looking for, as well as the necessary contact information. Zopto is one such tool, offering you the chance to target your ideal customers on LinkedIn.See details»

Zopto Company Profile: Acquisition & Investors | PitchBook

Zopto General Information. Description. Developer of automation and software tools intended to automate the LinkedIn outreach campaigns through a web interface. The company's cloud-based lead tools with dedicated IP addresses feature the process of opening accounts, filtering ideal customers and generating leads, thereby helping clients to target customers on auto-pilot and …See details»

Vikki - Zopto

Vikki uses Zopto to effectively manage their LinkedIn campaigns. It essentially acted as an important marketing tool that sat alongside other tools in their toolkit and allowed them to reach more people with their clients’ messages. This benefited both Vikki and their clients, helping to create an ecosystem in which each different party could ...See details»

Supercharging Your Lead Generation Campaigns with …

3. Customer Journey. If your product or services target customers on a specific point in a journey, this is a good way to personalize your marketing efforts. Your content will speak to customers at different points on the journey and give insight and solutions to get them to the next step. 4.See details»

Zopto Review - Is The Best Really The Best? - Platypus Reviews

Unfortunately, although Zopto is one of the biggest companies that provide LinkedIn service, I wasn’t able to find a lot of reviews. I’ve searched Sitejabber, and I’ve searched Trustpilot – but to no avail. The only trustworthy website that has some kind of information on Zopto is the Scamadviser, but more on that a little bit later.See details»