ZOPYX develops content management solutions, web and portal applications and individual software.


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ZOPYX - Plone: Enterprise Level CMS - Free and โ€ฆ

ZOPYX is a Germany-based solution provider and integrator with a focus on the following areas: Individual Python software development Our knowledge, expertise and experience allows us to support customers with the implementation of applications with complex business logic and very domain-specific requirements like laboratory software or procurement software in the energy โ€ฆSee details»

SMASHDOCs Partners - ZOPYX - publishing solutions

Since 2004, ZOPYX has been realizing tailor-made solutions in the areas of content management, web applications and electronic publishing. The core component of many publishing solutions is the CMS Plone and, based on this, the own Publishing Kit Produce & Publish as well as the XML Framework XML Director. ZOPYX's publishing solutions precisely integrate and combine open โ€ฆSee details»

print-css.rocks - PrintCSS CSS Paged Media tutorial and โ€ฆ

ZOPYX homepage. Medical Publishing Solutions. Our single-source multi-channel publishing solutions and toolbox. Our XML content management solution based on the open-source CMS Plone. CSS Paged Media tutorial and โ€ฆSee details»

print-css.rocks - PrintCSS CSS Paged Media tutorial and information

This tutorial shows how to generate PDF documents from XML/HTML using the "CSS Paged Media" approach, whereby the complete styling and layout information is kept in cascading stylesheets (CSS). It will also show the results produced by different tools with identical data, providing an impression of functionality and output quality.See details»

zopyx.typesense · PyPI

What is zopyx.typesense. zopyx.typesense in an add-on for Plone 6 that provides an integration with the search engine Typesense. The functionality is similar with collective.solr. The reasons for using Typesense are. very easy to install (single binary or via Docker) multi-field text indexes. auto-generated (but highly customizable) search UI.See details»

zopyx-typesense [python]: Datasheet

zopyx.typesense pushes content changes (new documents, updated documents, deleted documents) through Plone lifecycle hooks into Typesense. Searching. The search interaction between browser and Typesense happens directly without Plone being in-between. When you open the @@typesense-search view, the search configuration (as defined through โ€ฆSee details»

zopyx.existdb · PyPI

Using zopyx.existdb. The package provides a new content-types Connector that will include eXist-db into Plone - either from the top-level collection of your eXist-db database or from a subcollection. You can browse and traverse into subcollections, view single documents or edit text-ish content through the web (using the build-in ACE editor ...See details»


Www.zopyx.comSee details»

zopyx/zopyx.convert2: Produce & Publish unified converter API

Produce & Publish unified converter API. Contribute to zopyx/zopyx.convert2 development by creating an account on GitHub.See details»

GitHub - zopyx/zopyx.nodejs.smashdocs: NodeJS integration with ...

NodeJS integration with SMASHDOCs partner API. Contribute to zopyx/zopyx.nodejs.smashdocs development by creating an account on GitHub.See details»

zopyx.smartprintng.plone · PyPI

optional content information with link to the edit mode of the aggregated document (you must change the visibility of the .content-info class through CSS) a request parameter โ€˜show-debug-infoโ€™ will enable the additional content-info viewSee details»

GitHub - zopyx/print-css-rocks: CSS Paged Media tutorial and โ€ฆ

CSS Paged Media tutorial and review of tools (repository for print-css.rocks) - GitHub - zopyx/print-css-rocks: CSS Paged Media tutorial and review of โ€ฆSee details»

GitHub - zopyx/zopyx.php.smashdocs: PHP wrapper around the โ€ฆ

License. zopyx.php.smashdocs is published under the GNU Public License GPL Version 2 (GPL 2).. Author. Andreas Jung/ZOPYX Hundskapfklinge 33 D-72074 Tübingen, Germany [email protected] www.zopyx.comSee details»