Zorage simplified self storage and home storage by provides on-demand storage to household and small businesses


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Zorage is a startup provide on demand physical storage to urban house and small business to declutter their living and office space. The user can schedule storage box deliver to their doorstep via https://zorage.com. Zorage will deliver the storage to the specific time frame and location, and collect back the storage box from user to store in a secure warehouse. The user can โ€ฆSee details»

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Block 3730, Persiaran Apec, Cyberjaya, Selangor, Malaysia. Phone: +60 11-2720 0173See details»

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Zorage is a safe stoarge solution with affordable rates in Malaysia. Get more business information about it at FourSquare. affordable storage solution on-demand self storage on-demand self storage solution on-demand self storage solution company self storage solution storage company Zorage. 1 note Jun 15th, 2015. Open in app; Facebook; Tweet; Reddit; โ€ฆSee details»

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Outstation: RM15 OFF on delivery fee with purchase above RM200. Klang Valley area: FREE shipping with purchase from RM50. Outstation: RM15 OFF on delivery fee with purchase above RM200. Klang Valley area: FREE shipping with purchase from RM50. Outstation: RM15 OFF on delivery fee with purchase above RM200. Storage and Heating Information. Su. Mo.See details»

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Data Nodes are plug-n-play and can be added to a deployment at any time. Data Nodes integrate seamlessly with existing deployments. Use Data Nodes to reduce the processing load on processor appliances by removing the data storage processing load from the processor. Users can scale storage and processing power independently of data collection.See details»

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