Alloy is a developer of an identity verification platform used to check frauds and make identity management effective and simple for banks and financial institutions. Alloy is an API for regulated companies to collect and manage customer data from many different sources. It also engages in helping financial institutions and FinTech companies solve identity and compliance problems. The service allows banks and FinTechs to make better risk and identify decisions, using a single API and dashboard t... o manage AML, fraud, KYC, and more. The company also offers an API to help financial services companies access various aggregated identity databases and a dashboard through which to organize and analyze customer onboarding data. It also helps to improve customer conversion through the compliance funnel, reduce risk and fraud, and speed up previously manual back-office processes. Alloy was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in New York.

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New York, New York, United States

United States

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Current Advisors List


Charles Birnbaum Director @ Alloy


Walker Forehand Board Member @ Alloy

Current Employees Featured


Tommy Nicholas
Tommy Nicholas CEO @ Alloy


Charles Hearn
Charles Hearn Cofounder & CTO @ Alloy
Cofounder & CTO


Laura Spiekerman
Laura Spiekerman Co-Founder & CRO @ Alloy
Co-Founder & CRO


Edwina Johnson
Edwina Johnson Chief Operating Officer @ Alloy
Chief Operating Officer


Kiran Hebbar
Kiran Hebbar CFO @ Alloy


Aaron Wiernik
Aaron Wiernik Enterprise Partnerships @ Alloy
Enterprise Partnerships


Scott Clark
Scott Clark Staff Engineer @ Alloy
Staff Engineer


Jay Levy
Jay Levy Investor @ Alloy


Charley Ma
Charley Ma GM of Fintech @ Alloy
GM of Fintech


Andrew Martin
Andrew Martin Head of Data Science @ Alloy
Head of Data Science



Charles Hearn


Laura Spiekerman


Tommy Nicholas

Investors List


Avid Ventures

Avid Ventures investment in Venture Round - Alloy


Felicis Ventures

Felicis Ventures investment in Venture Round - Alloy


Canapi Ventures

Canapi Ventures investment in Venture Round - Alloy


Lightspeed Venture Partners

Lightspeed Venture Partners investment in Venture Round - Alloy


Bessemer Venture Partners

Bessemer Venture Partners investment in Venture Round - Alloy


Avenir Growth Capital

Avenir Growth Capital investment in Venture Round - Alloy


Avid Ventures

Avid Ventures investment in Series C - Alloy


Felicis Ventures

Felicis Ventures investment in Series C - Alloy


Canapi Ventures

Canapi Ventures investment in Series C - Alloy


Lightspeed Venture Partners

Lightspeed Venture Partners investment in Series C - Alloy

Newest Events participated

ny-empire-fintech-conference-2021_event_image Participated in NY Empire FinTech Conference 2021 on 2021-10-19 as sponsor

v-sum_eight_event_image Participated in V-Sum_Eight on 2021-09-28 as speaker

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