Branch is a developer of deep linking technology used to gain and retain mobile app users. Its deep linking technology is used to build user-to-user referral programs with features, including rewarded referrals, content sharing, deep-views, download banner, and personal onboarding that enable users to customize the whole app experience that makes discovering apps and app content easier. Branch was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in Palo Alto, California.

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Palo Alto, California, United States

United States

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(650) 209-6461

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[email protected]

Total Funding:
609.05 M USD

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Similar Organizations



CareZone makes it easy to manage multiple medications, organize health information, and access health services from your smartphone.


Clockwork Logistics Systems

Clockwork Logistics Systems automates the complex flow of data from Enterprise systems to the delivery moment and back again.

Current Advisors List


Pejman Nozad Investor @ Branch


Vakul Agarwal Executive Customer Advisory Board @ Branch


Laurie Yoler Board Observer @ Branch


Zach Coelius advisor @ Branch

Current Employees Featured


Alex Austin
Alex Austin CEO @ Branch


Mike Molinet
Mike Molinet Co-Founder & COO @ Branch
Co-Founder & COO


Mada Seghete
Mada Seghete Co-founder, Head of Strategy & Market Development @ Branch
Co-founder, Head of Strategy & Market Development


Dmitri Gaskin
Dmitri Gaskin Co-founder & Manager, Discovery @ Branch
Co-founder & Manager, Discovery


Eric Stein
Eric Stein EVP & GM @ Branch


Navid Zolfaghari
Navid Zolfaghari Vice President of Global Sales @ Branch
Vice President of Global Sales


Bharath Lalgudi Natarajan
Bharath Lalgudi Natarajan Solutions Engineer @ Branch
Solutions Engineer


Igor Gonebnyy
Igor Gonebnyy Business Development Director, Technology Partnerships @ Branch
Business Development Director, Technology Partnerships


Adam Saegebarth
Adam Saegebarth Senior Software Engineer @ Branch
Senior Software Engineer


Divya Sethi
Divya Sethi Senior Associate People Operations @ Branch
Senior Associate People Operations



Alex Austin


Dmitri Gaskin


Mada Seghete


Mike Molinet

Acquisitions List

Date Company Article Price
2022-08-31 AdLibertas AdLibertas acquired by Branch N/A
2022-07-19 Nova Launcher Nova Launcher acquired by Branch N/A
2018-09-10 Tune's Attribution Analytics Tune's Attribution Analytics acquired by Branch N/A

Investors List


New Enterprise Associates

New Enterprise Associates investment in Series F - Branch


Tenacity Venture Capital

Tenacity Venture Capital investment in Secondary Market - Branch


Ling Wong

Ling Wong investment in Series E - Branch


Playground Global

Playground Global investment in Series E - Branch


Founders Fund

Founders Fund investment in Series D - Branch


Playground Global

Playground Global investment in Series D - Branch


Cowboy Ventures

Cowboy Ventures investment in Series C - Branch


Playground Global

Playground Global investment in Series C - Branch


C.M. Capital Advisors

C.M. Capital Advisors investment in Series C - Branch


Samsung NEXT

Samsung NEXT investment in Series C - Branch

Newest Events participated

mwc-barcelona-2021_event_image Participated in MWC Barcelona 2021 on 2021-06-28 as exhibitor

brand-growth-summit-2021_event_image Participated in BRAND GROWTH SUMMIT 2021 on 2021-06-09 as sponsor

mobileone-paris-2018_event_image Participated in MobileOne Paris 2018 on 2018-11-14 as sponsor

kafka-summit-san-francisco-2018_event_image Participated in Kafka Summit San Francisco 2018 on 2018-10-16 as sponsor

mobile-growth-south-bay-w-coursera-stubhub-at-atlassian-2018_event_image Participated in Mobile Growth South Bay w/ Coursera & StubHub at Atlassian 2018 on 2018-09-20 as sponsor

mobile-growth-sf-bay-area-with-adobe-wework-stubhub-and-smule-at-adobe_event_image Participated in Mobile Growth SF Bay Area with Adobe, WeWork, StubHub, and Smule at Adobe on 2018-08-22 as sponsor

adobe-summit-2018_event_image Participated in Adobe Summit 2018 on 2018-03-25 as sponsor

mobile-world-congress-2018_event_image Participated in Mobile World Congress 2018 on 2018-02-26 as sponsor

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