Organizations in Training

Name Industry Address
sunstone-eduversity_logo Sunstone
Sunstone a higher education company that offers career-oriented training interventions for undergraduate and postgraduate students.
Education, Higher Education, Training, Vocational Education Gurgaon, Haryana, India
bitwise-industries_logo Bitwise Industries
Bitwise is a tech ecosystem that provides access to resources for those in marginalized communities.
Education, Software, Training Fresno, California, United States
growth-space_logo GrowthSpace
GrowthSpace brings the power of data to personalized learning and development.
E-Learning, Human Resources, Information Technology, Recruiting, Training New York, New York, United States
cybrary_logo Cybrary
Cybrary is a cybersecurity platform that offers cybersecurity workforce education and training services for IT professionals.
Cyber Security, EdTech, Education, Information Technology, Training Riverdale, Maryland, United States
unacademy_logo Unacademy
Unacademy is an online learning platform that provides educational content such as video lectures and examinations.
E-Learning, EdTech, Education, Training Bangalore, Karnataka, India
cornerstone-ondemand_logo Cornerstone OnDemand
Cornerstone OnDemand offers talent management software that helps organizations in recruiting, training, and managing their people. NASDAQ:CSOD
E-Learning, Employment, Enterprise Software, Human Resources, SaaS, Training Santa Monica, California, United States
mindtickle_logo MindTickle
MindTickle is a software company that offers sales readiness and enablement tools for businesses.
Enterprise Software, SaaS, Sales Automation, Training San Francisco, California, United States
kofax_logo Kofax
Kofax Document Capture develops and markets intelligent capture and exchange related solutions and services. NASDAQ:KFX
Consulting, Software, Training Irvine, California, United States
betterplace-safety-solutions-pvt-ltd_logo BetterPlace
BetterPlace provides businesses with contractor workforce management, including onboarding, training, and background checks.
Consulting, Human Resources, Information Services, Recruiting, Training Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
planet-fitness_logo Planet Fitness
Planet Fitness is a provider of fitness training programs and classes. NYSE:PLNT
Fitness, Health Care, Training, Wellness Newington, New Hampshire, United States
simplilearn_logo Simplilearn
Simplilearn helps professionals around the world acquire the skills they need to succeed in todayโ€™s digital economy.
Corporate Training, E-Learning, EdTech, Education, Training San Francisco, California, United States
emeritus-institute-of-management_logo Emeritus
Emeritus is an EdTech startup that provides accessible and affordable educational programs.
Career Planning, EdTech, Education, Training Singapore, Central Region, Singapore
platzi_logo Platzi
Platzi is an effective online education platform that offers classes on marketing, programming, business, and design.
EdTech, Education, Edutainment, Recruiting, Training San Francisco, California, United States
torch_logo Torch
Torch is a leadership development platform that provides coaching, software, and feedback to raise performers to the next level.
Corporate Training, E-Learning, Education, Human Resources, Online Portals, SaaS, Software, Training San Francisco, California, United States
myob_logo MYOB
MYOB is a business management solutions provider offering software products and services for small and medium-sized businesses. ASX:MYO
Accounting, CRM, Human Resources, Software, Training Glen Waverley, Victoria, Australia
bigtincan_logo Bigtincan
Bigtincan Sell Smarter, Learn Faster, and Win More with the industryโ€™s leading AI-powered Sales Enablement Automation Platform. ASX:BTH
Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Desktop Apps, E-Learning, Machine Learning, Mobile Apps, Productivity Tools, Sales Automation, Software, Training Waltham, Massachusetts, United States
strivr-labs-inc_logo STRIVR
STRIVR is an information technology company.
Enterprise, Enterprise Software, Information Technology, Software, Training, Virtual Reality Palo Alto, California, United States
penn-medicine_logo Penn Medicine
Penn Medicine is the medical school of the University of Pennsylvania that provides medical research and education services.
Biotechnology, Education, Health Care, Medical, Training Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
masai-school_logo Masai School
Masai School is a job-oriented software training services.
E-Learning, Education, Training Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
humanq_logo HumanQ
HumanQ offers executive level skills at every level of the organization for accelerated growth and impact through intimate group coaching.
Consulting, Corporate Training, Professional Services, Software, Training San Francisco, California, United States
run-ai_logo Run:AI
Run:AI develops an automated distributed training technology that virtualizes and accelerates deep learning.
Artificial Intelligence, Computer, E-Learning, Hardware, Software, Training Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel
authair_logo GoTo
GoTo is a software company that offers communication, collaboration, remote access, support, monitoring, password and identity management.
Identity Management, Software, Technical Support, Training Boston, Massachusetts, United States
ironscales_logo IRONSCALES
IRONSCALES is the fastest growing email security solution in the world. Powerfully simple email security.
Cyber Security, Information Services, Information Technology, SaaS, Software, Training Atlanta, Georgia, United States
lingokids_logo Lingokids
Helping families around the world raise amazing kids.
Children, Digital Media, Education, Family, Language Learning, Parenting, Training Madrid, Madrid, Spain
betterup_logo BetterUp
BetterUp develops an AI-driven platform that helps people and businesses grow personally and professionally through coaching.
Corporate Training, Human Resources, Personal Development, Training, Wellness San Francisco, California, United States
level-access_logo Level Access
Level Access provides digital accessibility compliance solutions to address the ADA, WCAG, CVAA, AODA, Mandate 376, and Section 508.
Consulting, Education, Government, Information Services, Information Technology, Software, Training Vienna, Virginia, United States
rokoko_logo Rokoko
Rokoko develops an animation technology designed to create motion capture assets.
3D Technology, Computer, Content, Internet of Things, Motion Capture, Simulation, Software, Sports, Training, Wearables Copenhagen, Hovedstaden, Denmark
teamworks_logo Teamworks
Teamworks is a communication and operations platform for athletic organizations.
Information Services, Information Technology, Software, Sports, Training Durham, North Carolina, United States
spekit-inc_logo Spekit
Spekit is a digital enablement platform that maximizes employee productivity, streamlines onboarding and drives tool adoption.
Enterprise Software, Knowledge Management, SaaS, Training Denver, Colorado, United States
getsphere_logo Sphere
Sphere is a producer of a content management platform designed to democratize access to academic content.
EdTech, Education, Skill Assessment, Training San Francisco, California, United States
headspace_logo Headspace Health
Headspace is a digital health platform that provides guided meditation sessions and mindfulness training.
Health Care, mHealth, Mobile Apps, Training, Wellness Santa Monica, California, United States
lynda-com_logo Lynda
Lynda provides business training.
E-Learning, EdTech, Education, Training, Video Carpinteria, California, United States
absorb-lms_logo Absorb LMS
Absorb LMS is an software firm that provides eLearning software and support system for businesses.
E-Learning, Internet, Software, Training Calgary, Alberta, Canada
career-karma_logo Career Karma
Career Karma helps people find career advice and job training to navigate their careers.
Career Planning, Social Network, Training San Francisco, California, United States
allego_logo Allego
Allego provides a mobile video based sales learning and development platform for high tech, financial services, medical device and pharma.
Financial Services, Payments, Software, Training, Video Needham, Massachusetts, United States
gerson-lehrman-group_logo GLG
The world's insight network.
Information Services, Professional Services, Training New York, New York, United States
memorial-sloan-kettering-cancer-center_logo Memorial Sloan - Kettering Cancer Center
Memorial Sloan - Kettering Cancer Center develops health-related apps and educational programs for mobile platforms.
Education, Health Care, Hospital, Life Science, Training New York, New York, United States
xanedu_logo XanEdu
XanEdu provides educational institutions with solutions for creating, delivering, and managing course materials.
Education, Knowledge Management, Training Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States
expertrons_logo Expertrons
Expertrons is an AI-based video bot platform created to help students and professionals with their career management.
Artificial Intelligence, Career Planning, E-Learning, Robotics, Training Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
openclassrooms_logo OpenClassrooms
OpenClassrooms is a European online education platform with more than 2 million members and fully online degrees.
EdTech, Education, Training Paris, Ile-de-France, France
ethereum-0ded_logo Ethereum
Ethereum is a group of professionals that specializes in blockchain, decentralized finance, and courses.
Blockchain, Finance, Training Madrid, Madrid, Spain
win-reality_logo WIN Reality
WIN Reality is a sports technology company preparing athletes for competition through game-speed virtual and augmented reality applications.
Augmented Reality, Hardware, Software, Sports, Training, Virtual Reality Austin, Texas, United States
uvaro_logo Uvaro
Uvaro is a career success platform that gives professionals the skills, coaching, and jobs needed to lead fulfilling careers.
E-Learning, Education, Higher Education, Professional Networking, Recruiting, Sales, Training Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
trello_logo Trello
Trello is a visual collaboration tool that provides a shared perspective on any project.
Apps, Collaboration, Enterprise Software, Project Management, Software, Training New York, New York, United States
trainual_logo Trainual
Trainual is a software platform that helps businesses build playbooks to train and grow their team.
SaaS, Small and Medium Businesses, Software, Training Scottsdale, Arizona, United States
hook-security-inc_logo Hook Security
Hook Security is a cybersecurity training company introducing Psychological Security to the outdated Security Awareness Training industry.
Consulting, Corporate Training, Cyber Security, Education, Information Technology, Internet, SaaS, Software, Training Greenville, South Carolina, United States
ceresa_logo Ceresa
Ceresa is a training and coaching center.
Business Development, Recruiting, Service Industry, Training Austin, Texas, United States
vera-whole-health_logo Vera Whole Health
Vera Whole Health delivers primary care, acute care, and health coaching via on or near-site clinics.
Health Care, Medical, Training Seattle, Washington, United States
parallel-learning_logo Parallel Learning
Parallel is the first tech-forward provider of learning assessments and support services for students with learning differences.
Children, Education, Therapeutics, Training New York, New York, United States
hack-the-box_logo Hack The Box
Hack The Box provides a training platform and community designed for advancing skills in penetration testing and cybersecurity.
Cyber Security, Information Technology, Penetration Testing, Training Folkestone, Kent, United Kingdom
aceable_logo Aceable
Aceable is an online education startup that offers state-approved drivers education and real estate courses.
E-Learning, EdTech, Mobile, Real Estate, Training Austin, Texas, United States
hobspace_logo HobSpace
HobSpace is a platform for extra-curricular activities online and offline for kids between 3-14 years.
Children, Education, Training Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
fuel50_logo Fuel50
Fuel50 is the AI-powered Talent Marketplace that delivers internal talent mobility and workforce reskilling.
Artificial Intelligence, Career Planning, Cloud Computing, Employee Benefits, Employment, Human Resources, Marketplace, Recruiting, SaaS, Training Laguna Niguel, California, United States
brainstorm_logo BrainStorm
BrainStorm is the industry leader for software adoption and change management solutions.
Information Technology, SaaS, Software, Training American Fork, Utah, United States
intelex_logo Intelex
Intelex develops software solutions for environment, health, safety, and quality (EHSQ) programs.
Business Development, Public Safety, SaaS, Software, Sustainability, Training Toronto, Ontario, Canada
masterclass_logo MasterClass
MasterClass is a provider of an online education platform designed to offer video based vocational courses.
EdTech, Education, Training San Francisco, California, United States
care-academy_logo CareAcademy
CareAcademy offers an online training empowering senior care professionals to deliver the highest caliber of services.
Education, Health Care, Home Health Care, SaaS, Training Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States
udemy_logo Udemy
Udemy is an online learning platform that helps students, companies, and governments gain the skills they need to reach their goals. NASDAQ:UDMY
E-Learning, EdTech, Education, Training San Francisco, California, United States
dreams-2_logo Dreams
Dreams is a Neo-bank that makes saving, spending and lending money easy, engaging, and social.
Banking, Financial Services, FinTech, Mobile Apps, Training Stockholm, Stockholms Lan, Sweden
docebo_logo Docebo
Docebo is a cloud 'e-learning as a service' product that enables companies to deliver, track and certify online training to their staff. NASDAQ:DCBO
Corporate Training, EdTech, Education, Enterprise Software, SaaS, Software, Training Toronto, Ontario, Canada
sounding-board_logo Sounding Board
Sounding Board provides a data-driven virtual leadership development platform for corporate leaders.
E-Learning, Human Resources, Information Technology, Software, Training Aliso Viejo, California, United States
revenue-collective_logo Revenue Collective
Pavilion is a private membership for high-growth leaders to achieve their professional potential.
Career Planning, Professional Networking, Training New York, New York, United States
execonline_logo ExecOnline
Connecting all leaders to their future potential.
Corporate Training, E-Learning, EdTech, Education, Software, Training New York, New York, United States
mthree-consulting_logo Mthree
An emerging talent partner to global blue-chip enterprises focusing on their technology & business operations.
Corporate Training, Information Technology, Training London, England, United Kingdom
sharpist_logo Sharpist
Sharpist's mission is to drive the growth of organizations and their people through 1:1 digital coaching and personalized learning journeys.
Professional Services, Software, Training Berlin, Berlin, Germany
brandlive_logo Brandlive
Virtual, done right. Helping the boldest brands cut through the noise.
SaaS, Software, Training, Video Streaming Portland, Oregon, United States
alison_logo Alison
Alison is an empowerment platform and a global leader in free education. It offers B2C and B2B eLearning solutions.
E-Learning, EdTech, Education, Enterprise, Internet, Personal Development, Recruiting, Social Impact, Training Galway, Galway, Ireland
whitehat_logo Multiverse
Multiverse is a tech startup that matches talent who have not graduated from college with apprenticeship opportunities.
Career Planning, Corporate Training, EdTech, Training London, England, United Kingdom
vantage-point-99a0_logo Vantage Point
We create experiences that change the way you think. Vantage Point is the future of workforce learning.
Corporate Training, E-Learning, EdTech, Education, Enterprise Software, Human Resources, Training, Virtual Reality Los Angeles, California, United States
edconnective_logo EdConnective
EdConnective is a Provider of an online video coaching platform
Education, Professional Services, Software, Training, Video Richmond, Virginia, United States
aceup_logo AceUp
AceUp empowers individuals, teams, and organizations to lead through change.
EdTech, Education, Human Resources, SaaS, Software, Training, Virtual Workforce Boston, Massachusetts, United States
attensi_logo Attensi
Attensi provides simulation-based workforce training combining game technology and behavioral psychology. Developer of No-Code SaaS platform
3D Technology, Corporate Training, E-Learning, Education, Gamification, Information Technology, SaaS, Simulation, Software, Training Oslo, Oslo, Norway
hicounselor_logo HiCounselor
HiCounselor is a career accelerator that combines technology & professional mentorship to help job seekers land a job in tech faster
Education, Internet, Training San Francisco, California, United States
credly_logo Credly
Credly is a platform for verifying, sharing, and managing digital badges and credentials.
Education, Enterprise Software, Internet, SaaS, Training New York, New York, United States
interplay-learning_logo Interplay Learning
Interplay Learning is an information technology company that specializes in virtual reality and 3D solutions.
E-Learning, Education, Training, Virtual Reality Austin, Texas, United States
trybe-7f8a_logo Trybe
Trybe is a modern school for dedicated and studious people who focused on digital professions.
Personal Development, Training, Web Development Sรฃo Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil
amplifire-knowledge-factor_logo Amplifire
Amplifire is a E- Learning Platform helping organizations put the power of brain science to work.
E-Learning, Education, Enterprise Software, Higher Education, Service Industry, Training Boulder, Colorado, United States
corus-dental_logo Corus Dental
Corus Dental is a dental design laboratories which provides prosthetic and orthodontic solutions.
Dental, Health Care, Medical, Service Industry, Training Sant Cugat Del Vallรจs, Catalonia, Spain
pure-gym_logo Pure Gym
PureGym is a gym operator that provides affordable and convenient access to fitness facilities in the U.K.
Fitness, Health Care, Sports, Training, Wellness London, England, United Kingdom
peckwater-brands_logo Peckwater Brands
Peckwater Brands is a provider of delivery franchises to kitchen operators.
Brand Marketing, Food Delivery, Franchise, Training London, England, United Kingdom
learn-in_logo Learn In
Learn In provides a comprehensive upskilling-as-a-service platform, which enables companies to offer employees sabbaticals.
E-Learning, Training San Francisco, California, United States
intradiem_logo Intradiem
Intradiem is a software compay that provides an Intelligent Assistant for customer service teams.
Artificial Intelligence, SaaS, Software, Training, Virtual Workforce Alpharetta, Georgia, United States
athletes-performance_logo EXOS
EXOS offers integrated performance training, nutrition, and physical therapy services and solutions for athletes.
Fitness, Health Care, Nutrition, Sports, Training Phoenix, Arizona, United States
praxis-labs_logo Praxis Labs
Praxis reimagines corporate bias training, integrating research-backed curriculum with cutting-edge VR technology.
Compliance, Corporate Training, E-Learning, EdTech, Education, Human Resources, Software, Training, Virtual Reality Stanford, California, United States
The premier no-code app builder for creators to run their entire business from their phone
Apps, Content Creators, E-Learning, Mobile, Software, Training Berlin, Berlin, Germany
edureka_logo Edureka!
Edureka is an e-learning platform providing live, online training in trending technologies.
Big Data, Blockchain, Cloud Computing, EdTech, Education, Information Technology, Training, Web Development Bangalore, Karnataka, India
scopear_logo ScopeAR
Scope AR develops augmented reality solutions.
Augmented Reality, Software, Training San Francisco, California, United States
interviewing-io_logo focuses on technical interview practice and engineering hiring.
Recruiting, Software Engineering, Training San Francisco, California, United States
pacific-architects-and-engineers-inc_logo Pacific Architects And Engineers
Pacific Architects and Engineers provider of services that support military readiness, peacekeeping missions, nation building activities. NASDAQ:PAE
Business Development, Consulting, Government, Information Technology, Messaging, National Security, Recruiting, Security, Supply Chain Management, Training Arlington, Virginia, United States
snark-ai_logo Activeloop
Activeloop structures the unstructured data to seamlessly connect your computer vision data to machine learning models.
Artificial Intelligence, GPU, Machine Learning, Software, Training San Francisco, California, United States
pathstream_logo Pathstream
Pathstream is a web-based platform for teaching in-demand tech skills for work.
Corporate Training, E-Learning, Software, Training San Francisco, California, United States
fuse-universal_logo Fuse Universal
The Fuse learning platform connects people with the knowledge and expertise they need to improve their skills and perform.
E-Learning, EdTech, Education, Internet, Training Shoreditch, Hackney, United Kingdom
flockjay_logo Flockjay
Flockjay is an online academy that empowers job seekers with the tools and training they need to break into tech.
Communities, Education, Internet, Sales, Training San Francisco, California, United States
play-i_logo Wonder Workshop
Wonder Workshop provides a platform that makes programming fun and accessible for children while they play.
Children, Consumer Electronics, EdTech, Hardware, Robotics, Software, STEM Education, Training San Mateo, California, United States
grovo_logo Grovo
The world's leading Microlearning solution
EdTech, Education, Enterprise Software, Human Resources, SaaS, Software, Training New York, New York, United States
growth-tribe_logo Growth Tribe
Growth Tribe empowers adults to always be learning.
Corporate Training, Data Mining, EdTech, Education, Training Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, The Netherlands
vequrity_logo RangeForce
RangeForce is a SaaS-based human cyber defense readiness platform that continuously develops defensive skills against the latest threats.
Cyber Security, Information Technology, SaaS, Security, Software, Training Manassas, Virginia, United States
praxis-4_logo Praxis
Praxis is a startup apprenticeship program. It pairs a 6-month remote professional bootcamp with 6-month paid apprenticeships at startups.
Higher Education, Personal Development, Training, Vocational Education Charleston, South Carolina, United States
talently_logo Talently
Talently offers an intensive program that helps software developers get a better job in the technology industry, anywhere in the world.
Developer Platform, EdTech, Education, Software, Software Engineering, Training Lima, Lima, Peru
mytaverse_logo Mytaverse
Mytaverse is a cloud-based platform that provides 3D multiplayer virtual and augmented meetings and workspaces.
Augmented Reality, Information Technology, Training, Virtual Workforce Miami, Florida, United States
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