Sunstone a higher education company that offers career-oriented training interventions for undergraduate and postgraduate students. It partners with existing colleges who has a well-equipped infrastructure to run and manage an AICTE approved, PGDM program by leveraging the use of modern-day technology and thus ensuring that the students are provided with the highest level of education quality across all its campuses. All of its students are imparted with the desired skill sets that are in sync with the corporate environment and given practical training on various corporate domains that exist in an organization.

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Ashish Munjal
Ashish Munjal CEO @ Sunstone


Ashish Munjal
Ashish Munjal Co-Founder and CEO @ Sunstone
Co-Founder and CEO


Piyush Nangru
Piyush Nangru Co-Founder and COO @ Sunstone
Co-Founder and COO


Anmol Jain
Anmol Jain Growth @ Sunstone



Ashish Munjal


Piyush Nangru

Investors List


Alteria Capital

Alteria Capital investment in Series C - Sunstone


Westbridge Capital

Westbridge Capital investment in Series C - Sunstone


Westbridge Capital

Westbridge Capital investment in Series B - Sunstone


Saama Capital

Saama Capital investment in Series B - Sunstone



Work10M investment in Series B - Sunstone


Alteria Capital

Alteria Capital investment in Series B - Sunstone


Ashish Gupta

Ashish Gupta investment in Series A - Sunstone


Saama Capital

Saama Capital investment in Series A - Sunstone


Prime Venture Partners

Prime Venture Partners investment in Series A - Sunstone


Purvi Capital

Purvi Capital investment in Series A - Sunstone

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