Unity Technologies provides multiplatform tools and services to developers of interactive content. It is the creator of the real-time 3D development platform, giving users powerful and accessible tools to create, operate, and monetize experiences for the real-time world. Unity empowers anyone, regardless of skill level and industry, to create 3D visual content using technology, operate using resources that maximize ease-of-use, and monetize, so that they can find success with their creations. In 2004, David Helgason, Joachim Ante, and Nicholas Francis launched Unity Technologies in San Francisco, California.

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Augmented Reality Developer Platform Mobile Apps Virtual Reality


San Francisco, California, United States

United States

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(415) 539-3162

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[email protected]

Total Funding:
1.25 B USD

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8th Wall

8th Wall is a cross-platform development solution for building AR experiences that run on the mobile web and iOS/Android applications.



Meta is a social technology company that enables people to connect, find communities, and grow businesses.



Matterport is a developer of a 3D media platform used to establish 3D and virtual reality models.

Current Advisors List


Roelof Botha Sequoia Capital, Partner, Lead Independent @ Unity


Egon Durban Silver Lake Partners, Managing Partner & Managing Director @ Unity


Max Levchin Affirm Founder and CEO @ Unity


John Riccitiello Board Chair @ Unity


Robynne Sisco Workday Co-President and CFO @ Unity


Barry Schuler DFJ Growth, Managing Director @ Unity


Max Levchin Member Board Of Directors @ Unity


Tomer Bar Zeev Board Of Director @ Unity

Current Employees Featured


John Riccitiello
John Riccitiello CEO @ Unity


Joachim Ante
Joachim Ante CTO @ Unity


Clive Downie
Clive Downie Chief Marketing Officer @ Unity
Chief Marketing Officer


Danny Lange
Danny Lange Vice President of Artificial Intelligence @ Unity
Vice President of Artificial Intelligence


Tony Parisi
Tony Parisi Head of VR/AR Brand Solutions @ Unity
Head of VR/AR Brand Solutions


Axel Jacquet
Axel Jacquet Technical Product Manager @ Unity
Technical Product Manager


Carol Carpenter
Carol Carpenter Chief Marketing Officer @ Unity
Chief Marketing Officer


John Schork
John Schork Senior Communications Manager @ Unity
Senior Communications Manager


Wayne Johnson
Wayne Johnson Software Engineer @ Unity
Software Engineer


Shanee Nishry
Shanee Nishry Software Engineering Lead @ Unity
Software Engineering Lead



David Helgason


Joachim Ante


Nicholas Francis


Raymond Yang

Stock Details

Company's stock symbol is NYSE:U

Acquisitions List

Date Company Article Price
2022-07-13 ironSource ironSource acquired by Unity 4.4 B USD
2022-01-24 Ziva Dynamics Ziva Dynamics acquired by Unity N/A
2021-11-30 SyncSketch SyncSketch acquired by Unity N/A
2021-11-09 Weta Digital Weta Digital acquired by Unity 1.6 B USD
2021-08-24 OTO Systems OTO Systems acquired by Unity N/A
2021-08-10 Parsec Parsec acquired by Unity 320 M USD
2021-07-22 SpeedTree SpeedTree acquired by Unity N/A
2021-06-22 PiXYZ Software PiXYZ Software acquired by Unity N/A
2021-03-09 VisualLive VisualLive acquired by Unity N/A
2020-12-15 RestAR RestAR acquired by Unity N/A

Investors List


FinSight Ventures

FinSight Ventures investment in Secondary Market - Unity


Empede Capital

Empede Capital investment in Venture Round - Unity


D1 Capital Partners

D1 Capital Partners investment in Secondary Market - Unity


Light Street Capital

Light Street Capital investment in Secondary Market - Unity


Bienville Capital

Bienville Capital investment in Private Equity Round - Unity


Sequoia Capital

Sequoia Capital investment in Series E - Unity


Canada Pension Plan Investment Board

Canada Pension Plan Investment Board investment in Series E - Unity


Silver Lake

Silver Lake investment in Series E - Unity


Altimeter Capital

Altimeter Capital investment in Secondary Market - Unity


Sequoia Capital

Sequoia Capital investment in Series D - Unity

Investments List

Date Company Article Money raised
2022-06-16 Clockwork Labs Unity investment in Series A - Clockwork Labs 22 M USD
2022-03-15 Code Coven Unity investment in Grant - Code Coven 100 K USD

Newest Events participated

cannes-lions-international-festival-of-creativity-2021_event_image Participated in Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2021 on 2021-06-21 as sponsor

nvidia-gtc-2021_event_image Participated in NVIDIA GTC 2021 on 2021-04-12 as exhibitor

hackerx-austin-full-stack-employer-ticket-32620_event_image Participated in HackerX - Austin (Full-Stack) Employer Ticket - 3/26/20 on 2020-03-26 as sponsor

codemotion-milan-2019_event_image Participated in Codemotion Milan 2019 on 2019-10-24 as sponsor

grace-hopper-celebration-of-women-in-computing-2019_event_image Participated in Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing 2019 on 2019-10-01 as sponsor

grace-hopper-celebration-of-women-in-computing-2019_event_image Participated in Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing 2019 on 2019-10-01 as sponsor

siggraph-2019_event_image Participated in SIGGRAPH 2019 on 2019-07-28 as exhibitor

siggraph-2019_event_image Participated in SIGGRAPH 2019 on 2019-07-28 as sponsor

Official Site Inspections

http://www.unity.com Semrush global rank: 7.53 K Semrush visits lastest month: 20.96 M

  • Host name: a23-219-78-181.deploy.static.akamaitechnologies.com
  • IP address:
  • Location: United States
  • Latitude: 37.751
  • Longitude: -97.822
  • Timezone: America/Chicago

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