Yaoyao develops SaaS tools and auto insurance products.

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Automotive Insurance SaaS


Beijing, Beijing, China


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Powercloud Venture Capital

Powercloud Venture Capital investment in Seed Round - Yaoyao


Innoangel Fund

Innoangel Fund investment in Seed Round - Yaoyao


Shanggu Capital

Shanggu Capital investment in Seed Round - Yaoyao


Zhonghui Guoji

Zhonghui Guoji investment in Angel Round - Yaoyao



shanggucai.com investment in Angel Round - Yaoyao


Kechuang Junrong

Kechuang Junrong investment in Angel Round - Yaoyao

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  • Location: China
  • Latitude: 39.9289
  • Longitude: 116.3883
  • Timezone: Asia/Shanghai

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