Yayoi is the largest financial and accounting software service provider in Japan. The Company is most recognized for its Yayoi Series and complimentary business and business support services which are predominantly used and valued by SMEs, sole proprietors, and entrepreneurs to address their business needs.

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Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan


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(813) 520-7884

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Current Advisors List


Takashi Yasukochi Director @ Yayoi


Satoru Matsuzaki Director @ Yayoi


Nobuki Watanabe Director @ Yayoi


Yokoi Shinya Director @ Yayoi


Hiroya Iino Director @ Yayoi

Current Employees Featured


Koichiro Okamoto
Koichiro Okamoto President & CEO @ Yayoi
President & CEO


Nobuaki Watanabe
Nobuaki Watanabe Director @ Yayoi


Takayama Takumi
Takayama Takumi Auditor @ Yayoi

Acquisitions List

Date Company Article Price
2016-02-26 Misoca Misoca acquired by Yayoi 1.25 B JPY

Investments List

Date Company Article Money raised
2013-04-30 Crowd Cast Yayoi investment in Seed Round - Crowd Cast 25 M JPY

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http://www.yayoi-kk.co.jp Semrush global rank: 105.22 K Semrush visits lastest month: 928.56 K

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