YellowOrb specializes in software and hardware development services.

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ร…re, Jamtlands Lan, Sweden


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46 0 70 774 67 97

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[email protected]

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YellowOrb AB | Software and hardware development

YellowOrb AB | Software and hardware development, Software and hardware development, we design, develop and produce products and prototypes with computing power. We โ€ฆSee details»

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YellowOrb specializes in software and hardware development services.See details»

About | OrbBlog - YellowOrb

Iโ€™m Karl-Petter Åkesson. I live in Åre, Sweden, a small ski-resort in the northern parts of Europe. I run my own company YellowOrb where I mainly develop software. For a long โ€ฆSee details»

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+46 (0) 70 774 67 97 [email protected] Facebook; Facebook; Home; News; Contact; Select Page. Trail Viewer. by karl-petter | Mar 18, 2015 | Products. Trail Viewer är en โ€ฆSee details»

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YellowOrb AB - Home - Facebook

2021-08-17 Mjukvaruutveckling och enklare elektronikkonstruktion med fokus på användarvänlighet 83751 Åre, SwedenSee details»

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+46 (0) 70 774 67 97 [email protected] Facebook; Facebook; Home; News; Contact; Select Page. Task: Develop a cheap and robust wind station as well as the website to โ€ฆSee details»

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Årevägen 138, Åre, Jaemtland, 830 13, Sweden. Phone: +46 70 774 67 97See details»

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Contact | YellowOrb AB

YellowOrb AB c/o Karl-Petter Åkesson Granlidsvägen 3, lgh 1702 837 51 Åre Sweden. Phone: +46 70 774 67 97 VAT: SE556993651001 Organisation number: 556993-6510 E โ€ฆSee details»

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YellowOrb is a small company developing hardware and software solutions, oftenly based on open hardware and software. We are based in the Sโ€ฆ YellowOrb is a small company โ€ฆSee details»

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YellowOrb specializes in software and hardware development services. Search Crunchbase. Start Free Trial . Chrome Extension. Solutions. Products. Resources. Pricing. โ€ฆSee details»