Yunfeng Capital was established in January 2010. It is the only private equity firm in China set up by successful entrepreneurs, pioneers and industry leaders. Its goal is not merely to be a financial investor, but also to share the entrepreneurial experience with companies, helping them refine their development, organizational management and brand building strategies. Yunfeng Capital places a special emphasis on young entrepreneurs, grooming future leaders to lead world-class enterprises. Yu... nfeng is the result of combining the Chinese first names of Mr. Jack MA (Yun), Chairman of Alibaba, and Mr. David YU (Feng), Founder of Target Media. In addition, there are more than 10 other co-founders, including Mr. Yu Zhu SHI, Chairman of Giant interactive group, Mr. Yong Hao LIU, Chairman of New Hope Group, Mr. Guo Jun SHEN, Chairman of Intime Investment, Mr. Yu Suo WANG, Chairman of ENN Group, Mr. Jason JIANG, Chairman of Focusmedia, Mr. Hang XU, Chairman of Shenzhen Mindray Medical, Mr. Yi Hong CHEN, Chairman of China Dongxiang(Group), Mr. Xin ZHOU, Chairman of E-House (China), Mr. Jian Guo WANG, Founder of Fivestar, Mr. Shao Xiong ZHOU, Chairman of Septwolves, Mr. Xu Ning WANG, Chairman of Joyong Holdings, Mr. You Cai ZHANG, President of Unifront Holdings. Yunfeng Capital is headquartered in Shanghai. Branch offices are located in Hong Kong, Beijing, Hangzhou, and other mainland cities.

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Current Employees Featured


David Yu
David Yu Founder and Chairman @ YF Capital
Founder and Chairman


Li Na
Li Na Manager @ YF Capital


Jack Ma
Jack Ma Founder @ YF Capital



David Yu


Jack Ma

Investments List

Date Company Article Money raised
2022-08-02 Sironax YF Capital investment in Series B - Sironax 200 M USD
2022-06-20 Axbio YF Capital investment in Series B - Axbio 100 M USD
2022-06-14 Robosense YF Capital investment in Venture Round - Robosense N/A
2021-11-22 North Ocean Photonics YF Capital investment in Series B - North Ocean Photonics N/A
2021-11-12 Whalehouse Technology YF Capital investment in Series B - Whalehouse Technology 50 M USD
2021-11-04 Momenta YF Capital investment in Funding Round - Momenta N/A
2021-10-21 Dreame Technology YF Capital investment in Series C - Dreame Technology 3.6 B CNY
2021-10-19 HT Aero YF Capital investment in Series A - HT Aero 500 M USD
2021-09-28 Cellular Biomedicine Group YF Capital investment in Series A - Cellular Biomedicine Group 120 M USD
2021-09-23 Nreal YF Capital investment in Series C - Nreal 100 M USD

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