Yip Yap is a mobile communication company connecting kids safely to the people and content they love. Yip Yap combines WiFi communication and content sharing into an intuitive parental control system that enables parents to build their child a private network of contacts and content through a secure opt-in system. Yip Yap exists to provide a safe and fun introduction to mobile technology for kids in the gap between toy phones and traditional cellular networked smartphones, representing a $2B ma... rket opportunity. The conversation around kids and technology is relevant and rising. Yip Yap is committed to making the world better for kids and their parents as it relates to how kids engage mobile technology. We believe technology is good when it brings people together in meaningful ways with direct human to human interaction. We donโ€™t believe children should be sold to, persuaded or manipulated. We believe if we create products that promote a healthy relationship between kids and technology, a healthy bottom line will follow. At Yip Yap we promise to keep these beliefs central as we continue product development, formulate advertising strategies and pursue partnerships.

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Children Content Delivery Network Mobile Devices


Austin, Texas, United States

United States

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150 K USD

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Current Employees Featured


Jennifer Whitehurst
Jennifer Whitehurst Business Development @ Yip Yap
Business Development


Angela Smith
Angela Smith Founder & CEO @ Yip Yap
Founder & CEO


Michael Smith
Michael Smith Founder & CEO @ Yip Yap
Founder & CEO


Mike Kooiker
Mike Kooiker CTO @ Yip Yap


Tiffany Smith
Tiffany Smith CCO @ Yip Yap


Adam Hebden
Adam Hebden System Architect @ Yip Yap
System Architect



Angela Smith


Michael Smith

Investors List


Quake Capital Partners

Quake Capital Partners investment in Venture Round - Yip Yap

Newest Events participated

quake-capital-november-networking-event_event_image Participated in Quake Capital November Networking Event on 2017-11-16 as exhibitor

quake-capital-fall-2017-demo-day_event_image Participated in Quake Capital Fall 2017 Demo Day on 2017-11-08 as exhibitor

quake-october-networking-event_event_image Participated in Quake October Networking Event on 2017-10-04 as exhibitor

quake-capital-fall-internship-fair_event_image Participated in Quake Capital Fall Internship Fair on 2017-09-14 as exhibitor

techcrunch-disrupt-ny-2016_event_image Participated in TechCrunch Disrupt NY 2016 on 2016-05-09 as exhibitor

ces-2016_event_image Participated in CES 2016 on 2016-01-06 as exhibitor

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