YogaWorks, Inc. offers yoga programs in the United States. The company offers yoga classes in various styles and levels ranging from classical Iyengar and Ashtanga to Vinyasa flow, and ISHTA and therapeutic yoga. It also provides nutritional consulting, teacher training programs, and Pilates programs. The company offers yoga classes through classes, workshops, and retreats. It serves students, children, athletes, seniors, and people in need of rehabilitation, as well as law firms, entertainment companies, health and hospital organization, universities, and insurance industry. The company has locations in Los Angeles, New York, and Orange County. YogaWorks, Inc. was founded in 1987 and is based in Santa Monica, California.

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Santa Monica, California, United States

United States

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13 M USD

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Current Advisors List


George Lichter Board of Directors @ Yoga Works


Dan Nova Member of the Board of Directors @ Yoga Works


Corey Mulloy Board Member @ Yoga Works

Current Employees Featured


Chuck Miller
Chuck Miller Co-Founder @ Yoga Works


Alan Finger
Alan Finger Co-Founder @ Yoga Works



Alan Finger


Chuck Miller


Maty Ezraty

Stock Details

Company's stock symbol is NASDAQ:YOGA

Acquisitions List

Date Company Article Price
2017-10-20 YogaOne Studios YogaOne Studios acquired by Yoga Works N/A
2017-09-27 Pure Prana Yoga Studio Pure Prana Yoga Studio acquired by Yoga Works N/A
2017-08-29 Tranquil Space Tranquil Space acquired by Yoga Works N/A

Investors List


Highland Capital Partners

Highland Capital Partners investment in Series B - Yoga Works

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