YOKA.com is a Chinese fashion website that offers services for high income earners who prefer premium brands and a higher quality of life. YOKA.com has become a comprehensive sub-brand of Trends Media Group with 17 magazines published including Cosmopolitan, Esquire, Harper's Bazaar, Bazaar Men's Style, and other custom-made titles such as Audi and Toyota. Following the principle of ""Think Global, Act Local"", Trends has partnered with world famous media groups through copyright cooperation and joint ventures. In 2013, Trends received $15 million in their Series A round of funding led by Baidu, followed by Fidelity Growth Partners, Hearst Corporation, Matrix Partners, and IDG.

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Ken Bronfin Board Of Directors @ Yoka

Current Employees Featured


Zhou Jun
Zhou Jun Founder and CEO @ Yoka
Founder and CEO



Zhou Jun

Investors List



Baidu investment in Series C - Yoka


Hearst Ventures

Hearst Ventures investment in Series C - Yoka


Eight Roads Ventures

Eight Roads Ventures investment in Series C - Yoka


Matrix Partners China

Matrix Partners China investment in Series C - Yoka


IDG Capital

IDG Capital investment in Series C - Yoka


IDG Capital

IDG Capital investment in Series B - Yoka


Matrix Partners

Matrix Partners investment in Series B - Yoka


Hearst Ventures

Hearst Ventures investment in Series B - Yoka


Hearst Ventures

Hearst Ventures investment in Series B - Yoka


IDG Capital

IDG Capital investment in Series B - Yoka

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