YottaDB is a database company that delivers a proven database engine to the application, enhancing simplicity, security, stability, and scalability. Its diverse feature set as a NoSQL multi-level, key-value data store provides users and businesses with a strong foundation for critical applications. The team behind YottaDB has decades of experience working with databases, with a specialization in GT.M. K.S. Bhaskar, Narayanan, and Steve pride themselves on their database expertise and customer-first business practices, offering a simplified partnership with YottaDB.

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Who develops YottaDB/GT.M? GT.M was originally developed in the mid-1980s by Greystone Technology Corporation then of Wakefield, and later Woburn, Massachusetts. In 1998, the …See details»

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Contact Information YottaDB LLC. 40 Lloyd Avenue, Suite 104 Malvern, PA 19355, USA [email protected] +1 (610) 644-1898. Support Customers. Contact your YottaDB …See details»

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Crate yottadb. YottaDB is a NoSQL Database suitable for high-performance systems. YottaDB runs in-process, like SQLite, with no need for a daemon. This crate is a Rust wrapper around …See details»

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