Your Financial Wellness is a Sydney-based data analytics and financial wellness platform providing cloud-based solutions to Australian financial institutions. Since launching in early 2018, the company has executed agreements with eight financial institutions providing access to a user base of over 500,000 consumers. The company is currently working with the University of NSW to deliver pioneering research into the financial wellness of everyday Australians.

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The all-in one startup investor relations platform.

Current Employees Featured


Mike Roberts
Mike Roberts Head of Strategy & Insights @ Your Financial Wellness
Head of Strategy & Insights


Alexander Hassall
Alexander Hassall Co-Founder @ Your Financial Wellness


Adam Wan
Adam Wan Co-Founder & CTO @ Your Financial Wellness
Co-Founder & CTO


Mike Roberts
Mike Roberts Head of Strategy & Insights @ Your Financial Wellness
Head of Strategy & Insights



Adam Wan


Alexander Hassall

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