YourBestPoseรขโ€žยข started as a side project and evolved to be a unique product that we all are proud and look forward to see it growing! Our mission Offer to everyone the opportunity to monetize from her/his social friends by social wining real life items (bags, shoes, dress, etc..) she/he dreams of. Empower celebrities to get closer with their fans and the world, dramatically increase their popularity, engage them in charity and communicate their charity work. Offer them new income chann... els through brands marketing/sponsorship. Provide to all kind of shops/brands the best social advertising tool for their products. Advertise their products to millions, drive in customers, increase sales and offer valuable market insights. Our vision Social (virtual) Friendship would have a great impact in real, everyday life. A world-wide platform for celebrities to reach and interact with millions of people from around the globe. Advertising tool that could provide direct access to millions of users in social networks.

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