YourName is a free game. Players follow a curated path. The goal is to get to know each other well before a final meeting in person by answering questions, sharing daily diaries and individual experiences etc. Three simple rules of the game: 1. Allowed: text and photo messages.Not allowed until the end of the game (or until both express such a desire): communication outside of the platform, audio/video messages or calls, meetings in person. 2. The Game starts on the 1st day of each month and l... asts for 30 days. If invited to participate (there is a limited number of places each month, and a waitlist you should joint to participate) you can start up to 3 1-on-1 games simultaneously. To start a game players have to match (choose each other). You can like=suggest a game to 10 players each time you participate. 3. Several times during the game players are asked if they would like to participate further. The game continues only if both players agree.

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