YouStand is an ideology discovery engine. YouStand enables you to discover and share your ideas and viewpoints transparently, debate how things should work and promote campaigns for positive social, civic and legislative change. Our unique news service rallies our own professional editorial staff as well as contributing writers to report news on all things ideology. From law, politics and religion to parenting, manners and civics, youโ€™ll find original daily news and opinion on a wide rang... e of topics. Your YouStand account allows you to โ€œTune-inโ€ users and organizations whose opinions you want to hear and โ€œTune-outโ€ the ones you donโ€™t. The system operates as a real-time information platform which is a perfect way for individuals or organizations to communicate with public or private groups of โ€œlistenersโ€. Our social cause creation and distribution platform provides an interactive viral marketing platform and dashboard for the dissemination of your cause. We live in a quickly changing, sometimes divided, and ever connected world bursting with ideas and points of view. Yet, there remain few venues where it is both safe, and enlightening, to have engaged dialogue on grown up topics that can develop and distill your beliefs. The YouStand platform provides an ideal method of synthesizing and culling ideas with the ultimate goal of creating accord.

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