YouTeam is the world's first marketplace for on-demand engineering staff augmentation. It enables tech companies to ramp up their development by instantly adding full-time contracted engineers to the team. In the same way that cloud computing allows tech companies to dynamically scale their computing capacity with their processing workload, YouTeam allows scaling their engineering team with their development workload. Like AWS, but for hiring developers. Thanks to its network of 20,000 pre-vetted engineers, YouTeam is not only able to source candidates many times faster than any outsourcing agency - but also provides access to the talent of much better quality.

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Mountain View, California, United States

United States

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+1 (650) 550-2947

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[email protected]

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765 K USD

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Current Advisors List


Nikita Voloshin CTO @ YouTeam (YC W18)


Adrian King Advisor @ YouTeam (YC W18)


Yurij Riphyak co-CEO @ YouTeam (YC W18)

Current Employees Featured


Nikita Voloshin
Nikita Voloshin CTO @ YouTeam (YC W18)


Yurij Riphyak
Yurij Riphyak CEO @ YouTeam (YC W18)



Anton Mishchenko


Yurij Riphyak

Investors List


Digital Future

Digital Future investment in Seed Round - YouTeam (YC W18)


Artyom Borodatyuk

Artyom Borodatyuk investment in Seed Round - YouTeam (YC W18)


Michael Puzrakov

Michael Puzrakov investment in Seed Round - YouTeam (YC W18)

u-ventures_image investment in Seed Round - YouTeam (YC W18)


Y Combinator

Y Combinator investment in Pre Seed Round - YouTeam (YC W18)

Newest Events participated

techday-london-2019_event_image Participated in TechDay London 2019 on 2019-10-25 as exhibitor

techcrunch-disrupt-sf-2019_event_image Participated in TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2019 on 2019-10-02 as exhibitor

unbound-london-2018_event_image Participated in Unbound London 2018 on 2018-07-18 as contestant

y-combinator-winter-2018-demo-day_event_image Participated in Y Combinator Winter 2018 Demo Day on 2018-03-19 as exhibitor

startup-grind-global-conference-2018_event_image Participated in Startup Grind Global Conference 2018 on 2018-02-12 as exhibitor

developerweek-2018_event_image Participated in DeveloperWeek 2018 on 2018-02-03 as exhibitor

web-summit-2017_event_image Participated in Web Summit 2017 on 2017-11-06 as exhibitor

startup-grind-europe-2017_event_image Participated in Startup Grind Europe 2017 on 2017-06-14 as exhibitor

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