Yova is the leading digital platform for investing with a sustainability impact. Yova customers invest directly into companies that help to solve global problems, eg by fighting climate change or by promoting human rights. All investments are professionally diversified portfolios that are designed for an attractive financial return. With Yova you get both: Sustainability impact and financial return. To make this possible, weโ€™ve digitized the best methods in portfolio management and sustainability analysis. So now everyone can become an impact investor: regardless of whether you invest 2 Million Francs or 2 Thousand - or whether you know nothing about investing or a lot.

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Current Employees Featured


Erik Gloerfeld
Erik Gloerfeld CPO & Co-Founder @ Yova
CPO & Co-Founder


Christoph Birkholz
Christoph Birkholz Co-Founder @ Yova


Tillmann Lang
Tillmann Lang Co-Founder - CEO @ Yova
Co-Founder - CEO



Christoph Birkholz


Erik Gloerfeld


Tillmann Lang

Investors List


Christoph Sutter

Christoph Sutter investment in Venture Round - Yova


Carole Ackermann

Carole Ackermann investment in Venture Round - Yova


Technology Fund

Technology Fund investment in Debt Financing - Yova


Carole Ackermann

Carole Ackermann investment in Seed Round - Yova


Eva Richterich

Eva Richterich investment in Seed Round - Yova


Wi Venture

Wi Venture investment in Seed Round - Yova

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