Zopa offers peer-to-peer loans with low rates, flexible terms, and no early repayment fees.


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London, England, United Kingdom

United Kingdom

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+44-(0)20 7580 6060

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[email protected]

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792.26 M USD

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Current Advisors List


Tim Levene Board Director @ Zopa


Charles Birnbaum Director @ Zopa


Peter Herbert Board Member @ Zopa


Michael Woodburn Board Member @ Zopa


Nick Aspinall Board Member @ Zopa


Gordon McCallum Board Member @ Zopa


Jaidev Janardana Board Member @ Zopa


Christine Farnish Board Member @ Zopa

Current Employees Featured


Jaidev Janardana
Jaidev Janardana Group CEO @ Zopa
Group CEO


Robert Firek
Robert Firek Technical Lead @ Zopa
Technical Lead


Didier Baclin
Didier Baclin Chief Innovation Officer @ Zopa
Chief Innovation Officer


Helen Beurier
Helen Beurier Chief People Officer @ Zopa
Chief People Officer


Clare Gambardella
Clare Gambardella Chief Customer Officer @ Zopa
Chief Customer Officer


Jiahang Zhong
Jiahang Zhong Head Of Data Science @ Zopa
Head Of Data Science


Steve Hulme
Steve Hulme Chief Finance Officer @ Zopa
Chief Finance Officer


Amy Fisher
Amy Fisher Chief Risk Officer @ Zopa
Chief Risk Officer


Giles Andrews
Giles Andrews Co-founder & Director @ Zopa
Co-founder & Director


Andrew Hawkins
Andrew Hawkins Chief Technology Officer @ Zopa
Chief Technology Officer



Dave Nicholson


Giles Andrews


James Alexander


Richard Duvall


Tim Parlett

Investors List

Silverstripe International Holdings

Silverstripe International Holdings investment in Venture Round - Zopa


SoftBank Vision Fund

SoftBank Vision Fund investment in Venture Round - Zopa


Augmentum Fintech

Augmentum Fintech investment in Venture Round - Zopa



Northzone investment in Venture Round - Zopa

Davidson Kempner

Davidson Kempner investment in Venture Round - Zopa

IAG Silverstripe

IAG Silverstripe investment in Venture Round - Zopa


Chimera Capital Management

Chimera Capital Management investment in Venture Round - Zopa

IAG Silverstripe

IAG Silverstripe investment in Venture Round - Zopa



VentureFounders investment in Venture Round - Zopa


Alternative Credit Investments

Alternative Credit Investments investment in Venture Round - Zopa

Event participated

Innovate Finance Global Summit 2017
2017-04-10 Exhibitor

Key Employee Changes

Date New article
2021-11-03 Zopa pinches new chief risk officer from Monzo
2021-10-14 Digital Bank Zopa Appoints First Chief People Officer Ahead of 2022 IPO
2021-10-14 Zopa hires first chief people officer ahead of IPO
2020-10-05 Zopa appoints new chief technology officer

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About - Zopa

In 2005, we built the first ever peer-to-peer (P2P) lending company, giving our customers access to loans built for real-life and intelligent investments backed by cutting-edge tech. In 2020, we launched Zopa Bank, meaning we could offer โ€ฆSee details»

Zopa - Wikipedia

Zopa is a British financial services company which offers deposit accounts and credit cards. It began as the world's first peer-to-peer lending company in 2005 and gained a full banking licence in 2020. The peer-to-peer side of its business closed in December 2021.See details»

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Access Zopa's annual reports and public disclosures. Annual reports and public disclosures "Since getting its banking license Zopa has attracted £1.2bn in deposits, more than £1.5bn of loans on balance sheet, issued 300,000 credit cards becoming a top 5 credit card issuer in the UK, and tripled revenue per customer."See details»

Zopa - Apply for a credit card or loan - Save or invest

Get Zopa on the go. Weโ€™ve built an app to help make managing your money stress-free. Keep on top of your loan, credit card or savings, know your credit score and more. Check your credit score and how to borrow at your best rate โ€ฆSee details»

Zopa Information | Zopa Profile

Zopa Information Zopa is a P2P money lending service that allows lenders and borrowers to deal directly with one another, cutting out the banks who act as middlemen. Zopa works in the following way: the company first categorizes borrower credit grades with an A*, A, B, C or Y rating; then lenders make offers that vary by money amount and time period for persons with a โ€ฆSee details»

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Zopa Account Information - The Obvious Investor

Zopa always gives good information on where your money is and when payments are coming in. Itโ€™s all quite useless though as their auto-invest (only) accounts distribute the capital between loans for you and donโ€™t offer any way to exit bad loans. If you try to sell your loans so you can withdraw capital, Zopa will tell you how much you have ...See details»

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Zopa Information

Zopa Information Sunday, 10 August 2008. Best week yet for Zopa. Zopa continues to grow which is great news from a lenders perspective and the rates of return i am getting are continuing to increase each week. This week zopa lenders lent out £380,400 which is the highest figure since zopa started in the United Kingdon. The new Zopa Young Market also โ€ฆSee details»

Sign in | Zopa.com

Zopa Bank Limited is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority, and entered on the Financial Services Register (800542). Zopa Bank Limited (10627575) is incorporated in England & Wales and has their registered office at: 1st Floor, Cottons Centre, Tooley Street, London, SE1 2QG.See details»

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Confirm your details | Zopa - The Feel Good Money company

Zopa is a member of Cifas โ€“ the UKโ€™s leading anti-fraud association, and we are registered with the Office of the Information Commissioner (ZA275984, Z8797078).See details»

Zopa International Transfers & Exchange Rate Review

Zopa has been in the UK financial scene since 2005. The business started out as a peer-to-peer (P2P) lending company. At that time, the companyโ€™s main focus was offering loans for investment ideas they considered worthwhile. All this was backed by cutting-edge tech. Zopa obtained a full banking license in the UK from the FCA and PRA in 2020 ...See details»

Zopa information - Employees, Contact info

View information on-Zopa (zopa.com),Located in Cottons Centre, London, England SE1 2QG, UK. Find over 153 employees information, adress, official website, private emails, phone numbers, revenue, social accounts and nore stuff related to Zopa."See details»