Zora operates as a crypto-driven marketplace.


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Dee Goens
Dee Goens Co-Creator @ Zora


Tyson Battistella
Tyson Battistella Co-Founder @ Zora


Jacob Horne
Jacob Horne Co-Creator @ Zora


Dai Hovey
Dai Hovey Co-Founder @ Zora


Slava Kim
Slava Kim Co-Founder @ Zora


Ethan Daya
Ethan Daya Co-Founder @ Zora



Dai Hovey


Dee Goens


Ethan Daya


Jacob Horne


Slava Kim


Tyson Battistella

Investors List



Paradigm investment in Seed Round - Zora


Village Global

Village Global investment in Seed Round - Zora


Trevor McFedries

Trevor McFedries investment in Seed Round - Zora


Night Ventures

Night Ventures investment in Seed Round - Zora


Alice Lloyd George

Alice Lloyd George investment in Seed Round - Zora


Kindred Ventures

Kindred Ventures investment in Seed Round - Zora


Ash Egan

Ash Egan investment in Seed Round - Zora

Jeff Staple

Jeff Staple investment in Seed Round - Zora


Coinbase Ventures

Coinbase Ventures investment in Seed Round - Zora

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